With Chinese New Year just around the corner, most people would already be looking forward to indulging in traditional sweets like pineapple tarts, breaking out the red apparels and accessories, and catching up with family and friends. During the celebrations, Ang Pow, or red packets, are traditionally handed out by family members and relatives, as tokens of good fortune and blessing. It has always been a pleasant gesture to make and is often seen during those rounds of Lunar New Year visits.

But if you’re looking for something different in giving your blessings, SK Jewellery 999 Pure Gold Collection can serve as an alternative or complement the traditional Ang Pow this Chinese New Year. The collection includes the All-New Looney Tunes Ang Pow Collection and other Chinese New Year collection ranging from gold treasures to gold jewellery. Read on below to find some inspirations for an auspicious gift.

Gold Treasures Ang Pow

To welcome the Year of the Pig, SK Jewellery’s Looney Tunes Ang Pow Collection features the popular Warner Bros character Porky Pig so you can stand out and impress your recipients with a special red packet. Crafted from 999 Pure Gold, our Ang Pow adds a touch of generosity and sincerity where you can gift money as well as a piece of the highest grade of gold.

Gold Bars

A gift of 999 Pure Gold bar represents the purest blessings for prosperity, success and abundance to follow in the new year. It contains rich details that reflect ageless symbols to bestow bountiful blessings to its recipients. Choose from the variety of gold bars that are exquisitely crafted to convey your best wishes.


Why not inject some festivity into your jewellery gifts? SK Jewellery’s Looney Tunes collection also includes pendant jewellery pieces crafted in alluring pure 999 gold and dazzling diamonds which feature beloved Warner Bros characters such as Tweety Bird. They make perfect gift ideas instead of giving a red packet or to complement one. Aside from Looney Tunes, SK Jewellery also carries other pendants, such as from the Disney Tsum Tsum collection, that are also suitable for children and the young at heart alike.


Celebrate the New Year of the Pig with auspicious charms to adorn the wrist. If you are looking for gold bracelets for women in Singapore, SK Jewellery presents  a selection of 999 Pure Gold charms come in various ‘piggy’ designs as well as other fun designs that are not only suitable for Chinese New Year, but also versatile for other occasions. Wear them to complete your festive ensemble. They signify prosperity and happiness that help you convey your best wishes and blessings, while making it the perfect arm candy for someone.

This Chinese New Year, go with the unorthodox while giving your utmost blessings to your family members and loved ones. All SK Jewellery products are meaningfully crafted and beautifully told. Aside from auspicious occasions, we also offer wedding jewellery if you are looking at where to buy si dian jin in Singapore.