Fortune Favoured Flat Link 999 Pure Gold Bracelet

YBM1997-H.1999 Pure Gold

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Product Description

Be emboldened with this bracelet of 999 pure gold. Chunky yet lightweight with '福' inscribed in stylish font at both ends, this bracelet heralds fortune for its wearer.

A bold statement piece perfect for both men and women, featuring golden hoops connected by flat-edge links.

Design: Fortune 'Fu', flat cut links
Material: 999 Pure Gold
Colour: Gold
*Dimensions: Thickness may vary with gold weight

**Images may be enlarged to show details.
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  • 19CM, 12.83g
  • 20CM, 16.04g
  • 22CM, 20.12g
  • 22.5CM, 20.44g
$2,085 $2,022