SK 916 Nailed It Gold Bracelet

$920 $896

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Product Description

Go beyond the classic paperclip chain - with a medley of links of varying sizes, our Nailed It gold bracelet is a chunky bold accessory embodying confidence and style.

Material: 916 Gold
Colour: Gold
Design: Circle and Nail
Type of Chain: Paperclip
Bracelet Length: 17.0 or 18.0cm
*Dimensions: Thickness may vary with gold weight

**Images may be enlarged to show details.
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  • 17CM, 6.62g
  • 17CM, 6.7g
  • 17CM, 6.82g
  • 18CM, 7.07g
  • 18CM, 7.34g
  • 17CM, 7.06g
  • 17CM, 7.22g
  • 17CM, 7.29g
  • 18CM, 7.06g
  • 18CM, 7.13g
  • 18CM, 7.15g
  • 17CM, 7.09g
$920 $896