Star Carat Classic Sparkling Diamond Pendant

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LGDP00022.2Dancing Star


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Free Pearl Earrings with $500 Dancing Diamond Purchase
Agate Bracelet with min. $500 spend
Mahjong 999 Pure Gold Ring with min. $1000 spend
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The New Diamond Alternative

Going beyond just wedding engagements, our Star Carat Diamond is for all occasions. Whether you are purchasing it as a gift for someone special, celebrating an important milestone, or simply buying it to match an outfit – Star Carat is the new choice for you to make.


Created with more than 60 years of intensive research and development, each Star Carat Diamond possesses the same chemical, optical and physical properties as conventional diamonds. Sustainably grown with no mining from the ground, less than 2% of mined diamonds found in nature have the same exceptional purity as a Star Carat Diamond.


With Star Carat, it is now possible to fulfil your desired carat dreams. Our Star Carat Diamonds are priced as much as 50% lower than mined diamonds of similar specifications. Choose from an affordable and variety of diamond shapes and colours such as Fancy, Halo, Pavé and Blue Diamonds. With so much to choose from, one is never enough when it comes to Star Carat.


Graded based on the same criteria as mined diamonds, our Star Carat Diamonds are recognized internationally and certified by the International Gemological Institution (IGI). Each Star Carat Diamond is also a 3EX (triple excellent) diamond that achieves a grade of Excellence in proportion, polish, and symmetry – with optimum brilliance and scintillation.