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SK Cherish Si Dian Jin

The dreamy delicacy of lace, crafted with the grandeur of gold.

Taking gold craftsmanship to the next level, SK Jewellery weaves a brand new Si Dian Jin collection, breathing new life into a beautiful tradition.

Woven from Gold

While simple designs for understated daily wear are already on the market, the SK Cherish collection focuses on creating modern statement pieces, inspired by the flair and panache of elaborate bridal gowns.

SK Jewellery X The Gown Warehouse

Hand in hand with The Gown Warehouse, SK Jewellery delivers brilliance befitting of a bride on her big day.

Crafted in the image of intricate lace and lovely waves of tulle, Cherish pieces are the perfect complement to dramatic bridal gowns, which The Gown Warehouse delivers.

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Showstopping Jewellery & Breathtaking Gowns

From the romantic A-line to elegant cheongsams, an SK Cherish piece ties it all together with a grand flourish.

5G Gold

Using the 5th generation of gold crafting techniques, SK Cherish breaks new ground while achieving breathtaking designs:

Pieces are sturdier while retaining the inherent value of 999 pure gold.

Intricate 3D designs suitable for everyday wear are now made possible without compromise on durability.

The same size can now be achieved with only half the amount of gold.

All of these mean bigger, more elaborate statement pieces while being lighter on the wallet!

Each piece, no matter how small, is crafted to astonishing detail. Different textures and weaves can be found in a single piece to create visually arresting works of art.

Settle for no less than the best. Discover its splendour for yourself at any of our stores today.