The Ideal Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery For Every Occasion

Since olden times – or to be exact, 4800 years to Ancient Egypt – love and commitment were symbolised with the exchange of wedding bands. As a testament of the strong bond between couples, its circular shape represents a loving relationship that is set to last for infinity. Today, diamond rings reigned supreme as the ultimate choice for a wedding ring, which carries the significance of an everlasting bond between two lovers.

However, this connection does not limit to mere romantic relationships only! Many are presenting diamond jewellery gifts to their loved ones – not just limited to significant partners – for all kinds of occasions other than engagements and weddings.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect diamond jewellery gift, have a look at our recommendations below.


Celebrating the milestones as partners is, undoubtedly, important. To commemorate a memorable occasion, it isn’t complete without a present! They hold a symbolic reminder of the years you’ve spent together, an appreciation for the present and the promise of the future.

No jewellery speaks past, present and future better than getting a journey necklace! Featuring diamonds that progressively get larger, a diamond pendant necklace also symbolises three primary love ‘stages’: infatuation to passion and lastly, pure intimacy.

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Necklace

Whilst they may come in several styles, the most common style includes a few diamonds – usually 3 – displayed in a neat row. Similarly, our Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Necklace displays 3 lab created diamonds of differing sizes that sit nicely on a 4 prong setting. There’s nothing like proudly wearing a jewellery piece that succinctly expresses your entire journey as a couple.

Birthing mothers

Push presents are congratulatory gifts that are presented to new mothers. These push presents are usually given by their partners to express recognition and appreciation for surviving the pregnancy journey: from the arduous 9 months that lead to the gruelling labour stages.

Undoubtedly, the push present will vary depending on the individual giving and receiving, but many will offer jewellery as a push present.

Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring

As a classic jewellery item, the eternity ring is renowned for its traditional symbolism; that is, everlasting love. Whilst it may seem somewhat out of place as a push present, it truly isn’t! Back when Egyptians have been using rings to commemorate the birth of an additional family member, many are presenting the eternity ring to the newlywed mother for the same reason!

Whilst other eternity rings that feature diamonds all around the band, our Star Carat Classic Eternity Diamond Ring carries 7 beautiful lab grown diamonds across the band. This translates to an attractive option for everyday wear. It’s a beautiful reminder of not only your journey as new parents!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when one shows their gratitude to one of the  cherished people in your life, through tangible means. There’s undoubtedly immense pressure when hunting for that ideal gift that can encapsulate your adoration and gratitude. They say diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, so it should be extended to your mother too!

Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings

On the hunt for the ideal gift to present to your mother on Mother’s Day? We have just the thing for you! As a timeless piece, our Star Carat Classic Diamond Earrings are a set of earrings that can suit any occasion. Despite its minimal design, its charm is enough to bring the attraction of those around her.

Girlfriends’ Birthdays

Your girlfriends are a dime in a dozen. They are individuals whom you keep near and dear to your heart. They are your family that you’ve carefully selected and it is a great way to tell them how important they are to you with a birthday gift. If you’re not sure what to give them, you may want to consider getting them a friendship ring!

Giving friendship rings is not a novel tradition. In fact, they have existed in the 1500s. In the past decades, in hopes to meet a wider variety of preferences, friendship rings have taken numerous styles and designs. Since there isn’t a formal ceremony to celebrate friendships, friendship rings have no distinct. Rather, they are what you wish for them to be.

Star Carat Class Trilogy Diamond Ring

Display your bond proudly with a Star Carat Class Trilogy Diamond Ring on your finger! Featuring 3 lab grown diamonds, this ring is an apt representation of unbreakable trust and care shared between two individuals. Displaying a single large diamond wedged in between 2 smaller ones, it truly is a fitting birthday present.

Gift For Yourself

Usually, a gift is presented and given from one person to another. However, there has been an emerging trend where the giver and the receiver are the same person; that is to buy a gift for yourself! Just like regular apparel, there’s no shame in purchasing and donning a ring that’s self-chosen for yourself! Jewellery gifts make up two-thirds of a woman’s diamond collection, with the rest being jewellery that they bought for themselves! Indeed, a diamond ring is an apt gift for your loved ones, even if it is yourself.

Star Carat Classic Heart Diamond

Express self-gratitude and love to yourself with a diamond ring as stunning as our Star Carat Classic Heart Diamond. This solitaire carries a heart detail underneath the gem, making it different than most solitaire rings. With an exquisite 1 carat diamond ring such as this, you’re bound to be at the centre of attention!


Diamonds are commonly given during a formal celebration, such as an engagement or a wedding. However, its versatile design allows it to be the ideal present for any occasion – that is, so long as it is for your loved one.

At SK Jewellery, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift amongst our extensive range of Star Carat lab grown diamonds. Rest assured, these diamonds don’t lose when it comes to quality. Each of these lab grown diamonds is IGI certified and fall under the Type IIA diamonds category – a category that carries only 2% of the mined diamonds in the world.

Pick out the best present and shop for diamonds from the comfort of your own home! Schedule an e-appointment through our website and our virtual consultant will be there to guide through all your options till you find the perfect one.

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