Dear Valentine

Send her a message from the heart with a Valentine gift that sparkles.

Dear Valentine

Looking to move her heart this Valentine’s Day? You’re in the right place. Convey a heartfelt Valentine with your choice of gift!


Simple and sweet, heart designs are a surefire way to convey your affections. Get one with a touch of sparkle, selecting from diamonds that are a classic symbol of true love, or unique gemstones that match your loved one’s favourite colour or birthstone.


Associated with the excitement of first love, innocent and earnest, butterflies make for delightful accessories. Roses are another classic choice, alongside clovers. One represents love and passion, the other faith, hope and luck.


Love locks are a longstanding symbol of romance. The Pont des Arts bridge in Paris is a well-known romantic spot, where couples pledge their love to each other by clasping a lock on the railings to signify an unbreakable bond. While travelling remains limited this year, you can still give your significant other a lock that she can wear everyday, any time. A key pendant signifies that she holds the key to your heart, conveying the depth of your devotion.


Teddy bears are popular presents on Valentine’s Day as well. Tied with a ribbon, they make a sweet way to convey how her presence in your life feels like a gift to you.


Dancing diamonds make a perfect present for Valentine's Day. Specially designed to move to one's heartbeat, the glimmer of the center diamond is maximized as it flutters and catches the light in an eye-catching manner. These pendants are sure to dazzle and impress.


Bracelets carry significant meaning in relationships. Handwoven bracelets are popular symbols of friendship, and one in gold and delicate gemstones would be perfect for a romantic one. As they form a closed loop clasped around her wrist, bracelets and bangles symbolize a love that never ends.

They are also easily visible when worn, allowing her to think of you often as she sees your gift on her wrist, like a hold around her hand.

If you can’t find the words, we’ve got your back. Say more with our jewellery that are specially designed with meaning.