Our Blue Diamonds Give You A Reason To Stop Feeling Blue!

Whether it’s an elegant pair of diamond earrings, a heartfelt diamond necklace, or a fancy diamond ring, diamonds are versatile gemstones that are perfect for any occasion. However, as classic diamonds are so popular, you may be looking for ways to make yours stand out from the crowd.

If a distinctive gemstone is what you’re searching for, our lab grown blue diamonds are an excellent choice for you! They also make the perfect jewellery for Christmas gifting, celebrating your year-end parties or even a proposal! Don’t be afraid to flaunt something bold – here are 5 reasons why our blue diamonds will give you a reason to stop feeling blue! 

1. They’re unique

There’s no doubt that diamonds are the gem to go for if you’re looking for an unrivalled sparkle. But as they’re the de facto choice among many women, why not set yourself apart with a blue diamond instead? Blue diamonds make the perfect statement gemstones that will surely capture the attention of everyone around you.

Star Carat Classic Pave Blue Diamond Ring

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Introducing our Star Carat Classic Pave Blue Diamond Ring! It features a 1.54 carat lab grown diamond that has a stunning deep shade of blue. The diamond is set in a classic pave diamond setting in an 18K white gold band. With two layers of intricate white diamonds, the ring lends a modern, sophisticated look to complete your outfit.

Star Carat Bloom Blue Diamond Ring

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Nothing says ‘unique’ more than this flower-shaped diamond setting that encompasses an elegant blue diamond solitaire at the centre. While the centre diamond has a weight of either just 0.5 carat or 0.54 carat, there definitely isn’t any compromise in its appearance. Studded with intricate diamonds around its 18K white gold band, this ring is one that will get heads turning at you with just a wave of your hand. 

2. They have a history of glam

Blue stone rings, such as blue sapphire, are popular among many famous celebrities and have even been associated with the royal family. In particular, the world’s most famous and stunning blue sapphire ring once belonged to Princess Diana and is being worn by Kate Middleton today. While decades have passed, it’s still a timeless piece that remains adored today.

But despite the popularity of blue sapphire, a blue diamond would certainly prove to be more luxurious, prestigious and glamourous than other coloured stones. Diamonds boast an unmatched sparkle that many other stones just can’t compare to.

Star Carat Classic Halo Blue Diamond Ring

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With the gorgeous centre diamond holding a weight of 0.71 carat, this beautiful ring looks exceptionally large and glamourous, thanks to its stunning halo setting. The elegant lab grown blue diamond is set in a diamond-paved halo setting on an 18K white gold band.

3. They’re affordable

While diamonds are often thought to be costly, lab grown diamonds are generally much more affordable than a mined diamond. And you won’t be sacrificing quality either.

The fact is: Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds structurally, chemically and visually. The only difference between the two is that the high-pressure and high-temperature conditions that form diamonds naturally underground are replicated in a lab instead.  You’ll definitely get more value for your money with lab grown diamonds.

Star Carat Resplendent Blue Diamond Ring

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This gorgeous lab grown blue diamond is set at the centre of a stylish row of paved diamonds on an 18K white gold band. With a weight of 0.52 carat for the centre stone alone, you can flaunt a stunning diamond ring on your finger without breaking the bank.

4. They’re durable

Don’t be fooled by its colour. Even as a coloured diamond, diamonds remain to be the toughest and hardest stones in the world, scoring a full 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means you can rock your blue diamond ring every day without worrying about scratches or chips from wear and tear.

Star Carat Starlight Blue Diamond Ring

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With a sleek row of paved diamonds in 18K white gold, the blue centre diamond will capture your heart with its beauty. The ring boasts a simple yet unparallel class – perfect for the busy woman’s daily wear.

5. They’re perfect for everyday wear

A blue diamond ring makes the perfect accessory to add some glam to any of your outfits. Whether you’re rocking casual blue jeans or dressing up in a cocktail dress, a blue diamond ring is simple to match and complements any look exceptionally well.

Star Carat Constellation Blue Diamond Ring

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This breathtaking blue diamond carries a remarkable weight of either 1.03 or 2 carat. Set in a glimmering row of paved diamonds on an 18K white gold band, this stunning ring sits perfectly on your finger to match any look that you’re feeling.

Something new and blue for you

Captivating and enigmatic, a unique blue diamond ring will make a stunning addition to your jewellery collection. With its brilliant and coveted colour, blue diamonds offer the perfect balance between classic and modern for any woman to proudly flaunt.

At SK Jewellery, we take pride in our wide selection of jewellery for women in Singapore. Regardless of whether it’s for a special occasion or just to add to your jewellery collection, our Star Carat collection offers lab grown diamonds that are IGI-certified and qualified as Type IIA – the purest and most valued type of diamonds globally.

Browse through our online store or head down to our showroom to find the best blue diamond to take your blues away!

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