Classic Love 999 Pure Gold set


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Product Description

Celebrate the eternal love with this set of 999 pure gold wedding set. The classic gold is twisted to form hearts. simple yet elegant and would definitely stand out.

Design: Heart
Material: 999 Pure Gold
Colour: Gold
Weight of Product:20.18g
Type of Earring: Dangle
Chain: Included, 999 Pure Gold, 41.5cm

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-2% $2,348
or 3 payments of $783 with


Our Si Dian Jin Story

si dian jin si dian jin sk jewellery

Si Dian Jin: A Modern Tradition
四点金: 婚嫁习俗

Originating from the Teochews, Si Dian Jin remains a wedding tradition practised today. It is a bridal gift from the groom’s family, symbolizing the acceptance of the bride. Si Dian Jin is usually made of gold, specifically 999 Pure Gold, conveying the purest blessing and sincerity in the marital union.

Bridal Jewellery Set: Blessings Cherished For Eternity

A typical Si Dian Jin set comprises a necklace, bracelet or bangle, ring and a pair of earrings, given to the bride as a betrothal gift.

Necklace (项链) – represents a couple’s union and happiness (紧紧相连,幸福美满)

Bracelet/Bangle (手镯) – represents working hand-in-hand in marriage (執子之手,与子偕老)

Earrings (耳环) – represents the connection of two families (两家缔结为一, 皆大欢喜)

Ring (戒指) – represents steadfastness and good management of the household (坚信不宜,宜室宜家)

Hallmark of 999 Pure Gold

SK Si Dian Jin is crafted with the highest quality 999 Pure Gold, amalgamated with the fine artistry of experienced goldsmith and engineered to perfection with various technology. Intricate designs, unique finishing and detailed carvings of a Si Dian Jin jewellery culminates in a story to tell.

sk jewellery si dian jin sk jewellery si dian jin

Keeping Authenticity of Traditions

Each piece of SK Si Dian Jin bears meaningful and long-revered motifs – Peony (牡丹), Lily (百合), Shuang Xi (双囍), Dragon (龙), Phoenix (凤) and Pig (金猪), that signify the wishes of an auspicious and prosperous marriage.