The Fancier The Case, The Fancier The Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, a round diamond is often the classic gemstone that comes to mind. Seeing as more than half of diamonds purchased around the world are round, there isn’t a doubt that this cut remains popular throughout time.

But you can also take it up a notch and make your classic cut stand out – which is what a fancy case is here for! The round diamond is given a fancy twist without the need to opt for a fancy cut diamond and enjoys a more brilliant appearance.

Let’s take a look at how a fancy case can do wonders in giving your ring a distinctive look while maintaining its classic elegance.

Your diamond appears brighter

A fancy case typically features a halo setting – which is an excellent choice if you want to make your engagement ring appear as sizable and glamourous as it can be. A halo setting essentially embellishes a path of small, accent diamonds around your main centre stone. This diamond-paved halo visually expands the size of your centre diamond, causing it to appear much larger and brighter.

If you’re going for a more extravagant look, fancy cases with a halo setting are a fantastic option to give your ring more drama and impact.

Star Carat Fancy Grace Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Wedding Jewellery

Set in 18K white gold, this a double halo diamond setting encompasses a beautiful lab grown diamond. The brilliant double halo makes the circular diamond appear significantly larger – creating a brighter and bolder diamond.

Creates a shinier diamond

The smaller accent diamonds featured in fancy cases also create a brilliant sparkle throughout your ring. As compared to classic cases, a shimmery fancy case is more likely to stand out with its unrivalled bling. Fancy cases visually amplify your centre stone significantly, so your diamond will appear much shinier and brighter – all without the need to spend more on a larger one!

Replicates a fancy-looking cut

Opting for a more fancy cut isn’t the only way to attain a contemporary look for your engagement ring. If you prefer a modern twist to your round diamond ring, strike a balance between classic and fancy with a fancy case.

Fancy cases are usually paved with a set of diamond accents surrounding the ring. As the accents share a similar colour to your centre stone, your round diamond can naturally blend in with them and undertake the fancy case’s shape. From a square to a heart shape, a fancy case can create the illusion of your diamond having a fancy cut even if it’s round.

Star Carat Fancy Heart Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Wedding Jewellery

Enclosed in a heart setting that’s adorned in 18K white gold, this gorgeous circular lab grown diamond morphs into the heart shape for an elegant, sophisticated look.


With a fancy case, you’ll get the appearance of a brighter, shinier diamond – and ultimately a fancier ring! If you’re in love with the romantic round diamond but want to try out something a little different at the same time, don’t hesitate to opt for a fancy case!

At SK Jewellery, we’re proud to provide a wide variety of diamond rings in Singapore to mark these special moments in your life. Our Star Carat collection offers IGI-certified lab grown diamonds that qualify as Type IIA, which are the most pure and valued type worldwide!

Take a look at our diamond rings online or head over to our showroom for our stunning wedding jewellery and get the best fancy case for your engagement ring!

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