A Closer Look At Nick Teo’s & Hong Ling’s Engagement Ring


The sun was setting and the waves were gently lapping against the side of the yacht— the perfect conditions for an outdoor engagement ceremony. As they gazed into each other's eyes, a white cloth dropped and revealed the “Marry Me” sign. He got down on one knee with a sparkling ring, against a cheering backdrop of family and friends.

No, this isn’t a scene from a Korean drama, but what went down during Nick Teo’s and Hong Ling’s romantic, squeal-worthy engagement that is currently the talk of the town.

The two MediaCorp stars have been dating for the past seven years and recently got engaged during Hong Ling’s 28th birthday celebration. The couple had just finished singing the birthday song when Nick popped the question.

Now, let’s take a closer look at their engagement ring from SK Jewellery that is designed to represent Nick's & Hong Ling's love story.

The Star Carat Diamond That Shines Brighter Than The Rest

There are so many important elements to an engagement ring, but the diamond is definitely the star of the show. Nick’s and Hong Ling’s engagement ring is from our Star Carat Diamond collection.

What makes SK Jewellery’s Star Carat Diamonds stand out from the rest is that they are created from the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method, a superior way of making diamonds. The gems grow one-dimensionally in a vacuum, resulting in an organised structure that is physically, chemically, and optimally identical to a mined diamond. These stones are then formulated with natural colours like their mined cousins.

Buyers can rest assured that every gem from the Star Carat collection is also graded on the same standards as naturally mined diamonds. It is internationally certified as Type IIA by IGI, a world-renowned, independent gemological lab.

When you choose a Star Carat Diamond as an engagement ring, you can get more for less— a gemstone that is nearly 50 per cent larger than a mined diamond for exactly the same price.

Ring Setting

Nick and Hong Ling chose the six-prong setting, such as the setting on the Star Carat Astral Diamond Ring– one of the most classic and popular engagement ring settings around the world. This ring setting boasts a simple design that showcases the diamond in all its brilliance. It is also one of the most secure settings for your precious stone. As the prongs grip the diamond from every side, they provide additional support for the centre stone, making it less likely to become loose over time.

Similar Engagement Rings To Get The Same Look

For couples who are looking for a similar ring that matches Nick’s and Hong Ling’s, here are two engagement rings from SK Jewellery to consider.

1. Star Carat Classic Crown Diamond Ring

Make your fiancée feel like a queen with the Star Carat Classic Crown Diamond Ring. This exquisite ring features a stunning Star Carat diamond set in a classic crown, also known as rex, setting. This setting gets its name from the crown-like shape, which is specifically designed to showcase the beauty of your stone. With its timeless design and endless sparkle, the Star Carat Classic Crown Diamond Ring is sure to become a cherished piece in your jewellery collection.

2. Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring

A classic diamond ring with a literal twist, the Star Carat Classic 4 Claw Diamond Ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery that is sure to make any woman feel special. The unique four-claw setting ensures that the diamond is securely held in place, while the sleek design keeps the ring looking modern.

Get A Lab Grown Diamond Ring From SK Jewellery That Lasts For Eternity

Nick’s and Hong Ling’s engagement is a beautiful reminder that true love stands the test of time— just like their seven year long courtship.

Get inspired by our curated selection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands that lasts for eternity, including natural mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Alternatively, shop our other ring collection on our online store today!

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