Auspicious Blessings Behind Si Dian Jin

Auspicious Blessings Behind Si Dian Jin

A common practice in Chinese weddings, Si Dian Jin is a long-standing tradition that carries a significant meaning. Translated to “4 touches of gold”, it involves a 4-piece set of jewellery comprising of a ring, necklace, bangle and a pair of earrings as a betrothal gift to the bride from the groom’s mother. Si Dian Jin is usually given during the tea ceremony after the newlywed couple has served the tea. It will be presented by the bride’s mother-in-law which symbolises the bride’s welcome as a new family member of the household.

Unconditional love

This wedding custom originates from olden times, where Si Dian Jin represents the 4 corners of a roof. When Si Dian Jin is given, it is a symbolic action that can be seen as a gesture of love and a way of assuring the bride that she will always have a roof over her head and lead a comfortable life. This is coupled with well-wishes and heartfelt blessings for a lifetime of conjugal bliss, as it marks the celebration of a meaningful union between two families. It can also help to strengthen the bond and relationship between the bride and the groom’s family, as giving Si Dian Jin to the bride reflects their appreciation and acceptance.

Si Dian Jin is also a gift to symbolise an endless and unwavering love of the couple and for the couple. It is the celebration of love and excitement in starting a new chapter of everlasting love for the newlyweds. This new beginning promises unconditional love and devotion between both partners, and familial support for their marriage.

The gift of gold

Gold has always symbolised abundant wealth, prosperity and good fortune. When Si Dian Jin set comes in solid gold, it conveys the purest of blessings to the bride. The meaning of presenting the gift of gold for Chinese weddings accompanies the bride’s future as it represents sincerity and generosity to provide for her in the marriage, symbolising a prosperous life. Si Dian Jin are also crafted with delicate engravings of traditional symbols and motifs as a form of blessings, such as the Phoenix and the Peony, which represents a harmonious marriage that can withstand the test of time. Different gold jewellery designs for the wedding can be chosen. As such, each jewellery piece bears an auspicious significance to express specific blessings to the couple.

Cherished for generations

Aside from the symbolic gesture of welcoming the bride into the new household, Si Dian Jin also encapsulates your own family story. It can be cherished and passed down from one generation to the next, allowing you to preserve traditions in the family. Each Si Dian Jin set is unique to each bride as it holds her own story and blissful memories of shopping with her mother-in-law for her ideal wedding jewellery. As the Si Dian Jin gets passed on to the next generation, it adds a special touch to the well-wishes that are bestowed upon the newlyweds.

At SK Jewellery, we present an exquisite collection of 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin to mark the special occasion of a blissful union. With our immaculate craftsmanship in gold jewellery, our Si Dian Jin pieces are meticulously crafted with traditional symbols and intricate designs to deliver meaningful and auspicious blessings. For the contemporary brides, you can also find modern Si Dian Jin designs which offer a versatile option to be worn after the wedding, yet still retaining the symbolism and values of the Si Dian Jin. If you’re looking to buy jewellery online, visit SK Jewellery’s e-store or come down to any of our showrooms to make your purchase.

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