Every piece of jewellery tells a story – and this one shares a tale of good fortune and a stroke of good luck. SK Jewellery presents: Qian Kun Lucky Charm (乾坤吉祥珠) – inspired by the prestigious Forbidden City and possessing with it, the history and culture of China for over 5,000 years.

Embodying oriental elements and elegantly combined with contemporary style is a precious pair of handcrafted bracelets that brings luck and blessings to its wearer.
Representing heaven and earth, “Qian” (乾) is the Yang energy that symbolizes strong, masculine energies, while “Kun” (坤) represents the Yin energy that is much more feminine and gentle. Together, Qian Kun equates to the perfect balance between heaven and earth that allows life to exist and thrive in harmony.

Made using luxurious 999 Pure Gold, the Qian Kun Lucky Charm is assembled with the undeniable beauty of auspicious beads inscribed with “心愿符初” – the best wishes from the Emperor.

Guarded and presented in an exquisite box painted with the sophisticated Qian Long Kesi silk embroidery technique, and embossed with the Palace of Heavenly Purity (乾清宫) and Palace of Earthly Tranquility (坤宁宫) at both sides in lavish 3D carving – it exudes the power between two lovers who complement and brings out the best in each other – and is blessed with good fortune and luck to welcome in wonderful beginnings.

The black bracelet represents the more mature and strong masculine energies, while the red symbolizes abundance, a sea of opportunities and a passionate flame that never goes out.
Mark special occasions, anniversaries and celebrate your significant other in your special journey – everyone truly deserves to shine with this opulent piece of gold jewellery.
Wearing your Qian Kun Lucky Charm, you know you are blessed, and good fortune is well on its way. Gift this as an accessory to express that you aren’t afraid to brace the future together with your plus one, hand-in-hand. This is the epitome of sending your utmost well wishes to someone truly special.
Available at selected stores, shop now and get your blessings today!

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