SK Jewellery is the first jewellery chain retailer in the region to bring in Lab Grown Diamonds (LGDs) alongside consciously mined diamonds. Created from the labs, the LGDs are chemically, physically and optically identical to diamonds that are originally dug from the earth. With the introduction of LGDs to the diamond jewellery market, it is opening more doors and presenting greater opportunities to connect with an emerging group of consumers.

Launch of Star Carat

In celebration of the occasion, the Star Carat Shop launch was held at SK Gold in Vivocity on 26th October 2019. Everyone who attended caught a glimpse of the stars – with a guest appearance by Mediacorp Artiste Desmond Tan and hosted by 987fm DJ Naomi Yeo.

Event highlights include a Meet and Greet session with Desmond Tan and intimate styling sessions with influencers. There were also special launch discounts on the Star Carat collection as well as terrariums exclusively for VIPs with any purchase of the collection. Attendees got to take a closer look at the Star Carat LGDs first-hand and learn more about how they were created using technology, offering a more sustainable option in diamond purchases.

Star Carat LGDs are diamonds

With the technology to grow diamond seeds, laboratories can produce diamonds by recreating the conditions of how mined diamonds are naturally formed underneath the earth’s surface. These diamonds that are created in the labs share the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural diamonds, and they are both authenticated by the same governing body.

All Star Carat LGDs are sold with international certifications, including authentication by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) – one of the world’s leading diamond grading labs. They are graded on the same scale and criteria as mined diamonds, and certifications will be issued to state if a gemstone is mined or lab-grown. While the 4Cs of diamonds are all accounted for – SK Jewellery is also introducing a new C to consumers, which is choice.

Though there is simply no difference to distinguish between mined or lab grown diamonds through the naked eye, Star Carat diamonds are perfect diamonds as they are TypeIIa diamonds – chemically the purest and most valuable, with only 2% of the world’s mined diamonds possessing that exceptional quality.

Appeal to millennials and jewellery lovers

Star Carat LGDs are slated to retail for as low as half the price of mined diamonds. This opens up the diamond market to a wider range of consumers with tighter budgets and provides consumers flexibility when they shop for diamonds. It is more accessible for people to make significant purchases, such as engagement rings or anniversary jewellery, without the exorbitant price tags.

Plus, Star Carat LGDs seek to appeal to millennials and conscious consumers who question the sustainability and environmental issues of diamond mining. As LGDs leave a smaller carbon footprint and cause minimal environmental impact, they are seen as a viable sustainable alternative to mined diamonds from the earth’s crust.

Bigger size and more savings

People have treasured these dazzling gems for decades. And technology-based diamonds are revitalizing the jewellery industry today, offering a fresh take on luxury and premium options. With the introduction of Star Carat diamonds, it leaves a little more cash in a shopper’s wallet.
For a typical 1 carat diamond engagement ring, consumers can pay as much as 50% lesser for Star Carat diamonds, in comparison to mined diamonds.

As the supply chain and process time for lab grown diamonds are shorter, this makes them a significantly less expensive option. Thus, Star Carat diamonds are presented as the ideal solution to couples looking for affordable diamond rings and bigger carat that are light on their pockets.
The perception that lab grown diamonds are sustainable and come with a more accessible price point will continue to drive the demand for them in the jewellery market. At the end of the day, lab grown diamonds are still diamonds made from pure carbon and undergo the same grading criteria to determine their individual quality.

The Star Carat Collection is available at the Star Carat Showroom, and all SK Jewellery, SK Gold and Love and Co. stores. You can also shop for our Star Carat diamonds online at our E-store:

Eyeing a new piece of diamond jewellery for your collection? Take a peek at what we have to offer with our lab grown diamond pieces!

Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond

Something timeless and classic – shine brilliantly in this stunning pair of earrings, featuring 28 beautiful lab grown diamonds in a halo setting. Choose your preferred carat weight and get ready to make a dazzling statement in your ensemble.

Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond

Celebrate your love with this elegant lab grown diamond ring. Delicate and refined, this round cut diamond solitaire is set in a knife edge shank setting to showcase its brilliance and beauty.

Star Carat Classic Halo Diamond Pendant

Beautifully crafted, this lab grown diamond pendant features a classic halo setting that’s paved with a total of 11 diamonds in 18K white gold. It comes with a complementary 18K white gold chain to tie your whole look together with any ensemble in the wardrobe.

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