From anniversaries to celebratory milestones, there’s plenty of reasons to buy jewellery online – and people also get them for auspicious reasons which signify great blessing and fortune. SK Jewellery presents the new 999 Pure Gold Liu-He (Six Benevolence) Good Luck Charm, which incorporates the Chinese zodiac signs to enhance your luck and increase protection.

The meaning of Liu-He

According to the Chinese zodiac, each year in the 12-year cycle has a Chinese zodiac animal sign and those born in the particular year are said to inherit the corresponding personality traits and characteristics. It is believed that there are compatible and incompatible signs – a person born to a certain Chinese zodiac can either get along well or be in conflict with other signs.
Carrying the meaning of Six Benevolence, Liu-He (六合) refers to 6 groups of 2 Chinese Zodiac signs; six of which belong to ‘Yang’ and the other six in ‘Yin’. The groups are set according to the combination of Yin and Yang, and each group has a secret benefactor or friend who helps you in all aspects of life, especially in times of need.

Boost your luck

According to the belief of Liu-He, this secret benefactor is someone who provides support and help in times of trouble. It is different from your “ally friends” who you can get along with well and live harmoniously.
Add the 999 Pure Gold Liu-He Good Luck Charm to your bracelet to boost your luck and success. Wear it on your wrist and bring it everywhere you go – it can help you to build relationships in your love life, business or career.
It is also said to protect you from mishaps and misfortunes, enhancing your luck to get through tough times and face hardships.

Know your secret benefactor

It is important for every zodiac to know and have their own secret benefactor – someone you can always count on and receive protection from.

This charm is the perfect addition for an arm candy that will bring you good luck. It is great for gifts as well if you’re looking for jewellery for women (and even men!) for your friends and loved ones.
Available now at all SK Jewellery showrooms, head on down and receive your blessing today!

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