Perfect Jewellery To Glam Up Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become an integral part of wedding planning. For many couples in Singapore, they are even considered a must-have as the photos capture the excitement, anticipation, and love that preface the husband and wife’s lives together. 

On the lookout for the perfect sparkle to light up your pre-wedding photoshoot? SK Jewellery is here to guide you on your journey. Glam up your photographs with our exquisite wedding jewellery pieces below.

1. Rings to mark the beginning

A pre-wedding photoshoot is incomplete without showcasing the ultimate symbol of your commitment–the engagement ring. In fact, this will likely be one of the most photographed pieces of jewellery during your shoot. Choose a design that symbolises your love story and captures the sparkle of your love, such as the unique Star Carat Princess Cut Eleanora Pavé Diamond Ring (left) or the classic Signature Allstar Diamond Ring (right). Check out more ring-setting inspiration. We guarantee these engagement rings won’t go out of style!

2. Go bold with statement necklaces

Next, let your necklace be the pièce de résistance of your pre-wedding ensemble. Wearing a simple gown? A piece of statement jewellery like the traditional 999 Pure Gold Double Happiness Pendant (left)

stands out, enhancing your overall ensemble. Prefer a fancy dress? The modern Chandelier Round Diamond Pendant (right) further adds an extraordinary glamour to your photoshoot – definitely a showstopper. 

3. Bracelets and bangles for the perfect arm candy

Bracelets also make an excellent addition to your pre-wedding photoshoot. Consider the SK 916 Clover Coin Medley Gold Bracelet (left) or Soiree Diamond Tennis Bracelet (right) that pair well with other jewellery pieces and add an elegant touch to your bridal look.

4. Let your earrings do the talking

Earrings can be subtle yet impactful for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The key is to choose a pair that complements your hairstyle. If you’re wearing your hair down, earrings that dangle or have intricate details like the SK 916 Champion’s Wreath Gold Earrings to beautifully frame your face and accentuate your features. 

For an updo or a sleek hairstyle, studs like the Cluster Of Love Diamond Earrings (left) or shorter drop earrings like the Luxe Golden Hoop Pearl Earrings (right) can add a touch of sparkle and draw attention to your facial structure.

5. Alluring anklets for the final touch

Finally, let anklets be the finishing touch that completes your bridal ensemble. They have long been a symbol of femininity and grace with their delicate chains, intricate charms, and sparkling gemstones.

Opt for dainty gold chains like the SK 916 Classic Gold Anklet that can match any pre-wedding photoshoot theme. Prefer to incorporate meaningful symbols into your photoshoot? Adorn your jewellery with heart-shaped charms to represent your love story or delicate pearls for a timeless and romantic look.

Shine Brilliantly In Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With SK Jewellery

Your pre-wedding photoshoot is all about celebrating your love story and the journey you’re about to embark on. Enhance this magical experience with SK Jewellery‘s amazing bridal collection, including our Si Dian Jin, engagement rings, and wedding bands. There’s something for every bride-to-be at our store. 

With our commitment to excellent craftsmanship and innovative wedding jewellery designs, we promise to provide you with the best jewels for your special day. Browse our collections and select the perfect pieces that speak to you now!

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