Popular Proposal And Wedding Dates – Why Couples Choose Them

With 365 days in a year, how do you know which day to choose for your proposal or wedding date? The choice usually boils down to the type of relationship you share and which date has the most significance for you and your partner.

But you might also notice that certain dates are more popular than others, with many couples rushing to book wedding venues so they can mark their big day in a memorable fashion. We’ll explore more on the different dates that couples often pick out to get hitched or pop the question.

Double dates

Double dates

10/10, 11/11, they are all highly sought-after dates that see more couples getting married on these days than any other days of the year. Not only is it an easy date to remember for anniversaries, it is also considered an auspicious one with a nice ring to it.

For instance, Oct 10 signifies perfection in Chinese culture, giving blessings to couples who wish for a perfect union. And if a popular date falls on a weekend, it seems like all the stars are aligned.

Valentine’s Day

We are all familiar with this romantic holiday – and some couples choose to hold their wedding on 14 Feb to make their big day extra special. You get to include this romantic day as part of your love story, and celebrating your anniversary in conjunction with V-day also makes you feel like the whole world is celebrating with you! On this day, you know you’ll have a Valentine for life.

Auspicious dates

Auspicious dates

Many Chinese couples consider general auspicious dates based on the Tong Shu calculation in the Chinese calendar to set their wedding date. By choosing a good date, it is believed to bless the couple’s union and create the potential for a smooth sailing and successful marriage.

Some also take the extra step to ensure that their auspicious date is true for both partners, as everyone has a unique ba zi which determines a person’s future. Professional Feng Shui masters can be consulted for a more personalised analysis of your birth dates and times, zodiac signs and more.

Peak seasons

While this isn’t technically a date, certain months of the year seem to be highly popular for weddings such as June, November and December. This can be due to different reasons such as dates falling in between big festivities, school holidays to even the weather.

Singapore typically has two monsoon seasons, so you will need to plan your ceremony and wet weather contingencies around them. Peak periods also mean you will need to book your venues well in advance and expect heftier prices for various wedding items.


What matters most though is not just the specific date you chose; it is also important to ensure the day is personal and meaningful to you and your partner. If these ‘hot’ dates are not for you, you can hold your wedding on the date you first met, the first day you both got together, or any other event you wish to commemorate. It will make celebrating your anniversary much more memorable.

Planning takes a bit of time. So, no matter the date you’ve settled on, the length of the engagement and time of year you’d like to get married are important in getting the wedding timeline down so your wedding plans can run smoothly.

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