Tips To Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

Proposals are nerve-wracking – and it’s no wonder why. It’s a precursor to starting a new chapter in life, wherein both you and your partner will be joined for better and for worse, to love and to cherish.

As you figure out how to plan the best proposal for your partner, there is one crucial detail you can’t forget: the engagement ring. This jewellery piece is not just a symbolism of your future together, but it’s also a gift presented to your partner whom you dearly loved. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get everything right, from the design to the size.

Now, here comes a problem: how do you get the right size when the proposal is supposed to be a surprise? If you’ve been stressing over trying to find her ring size without letting her catch on, we’ve got just a few tips to help!

Be Subtle

Diamond Ring, Classic Diamonds

As with all surprises, being subtle and inconspicuous is a requirement. If you’re quite adamant on finding your partner’s ring size straight from the horse’s mouth, there’s no other way but to ask her in a subtle, smooth way.

This will require significant manoeuvring in your conversations and a couple of white lies. You can pretend that you have plans to buy your mother a classic diamond ring for her birthday and you need a second opinion. While she might respond with your mother’s preferences in mind, she might also give you a hint at the rings she prefers. Whilst surveying, you can also nonchalantly ask her ring size for reference.

This approach requires you to be a smooth talker, so shifty eyes, sweating and stuttering are an absolute no! If you’re not one to dish out quick comebacks on the fly, you may want to plan your white lie to make sure that there are no loopholes.

Borrow One Of Her Rings

If you’re not confident that you can pull the ruse off, this approach might be more successful than the last one. You’ll need to do just one simple thing: obtain one of her rings.

Grab the ring that she tends to wear on a similarly sized finger – the ring finger on her right hand would be the ideal one. Bring it to a jewellery consultant to find her ring size accurately. Do take note not to grab any of her favourites, lest she worry when she couldn’t find her favourite ring.

Another approach you can opt for is to simply trace it on a piece of paper. Trace the inside and outside of the ring a couple of times until it looks consistent. You can compare it to a ring size chart or bring it to the jewellery consultant to help you figure out the rest.

Ask Her Friends

Diamond Ring, Classic Diamonds

If you wish to avoid suspicions, you can always employ a friend to act as your proxy. Unless they already know what your partner’s preferences, they can help you ask your partner. Since this question will not be coming from you, your partner is more likely to divulge the information without realising your friend’s true intention.

If her friend is already engaged, you can also try to do a little sleuthing to find out what she thought of her friend’s diamond ring – or get that friend to go for an engagement ring shopping together with your partner. Let her try on a ring or two to get her ring size without being suspicious, and ask her friend to report back to you once it’s done!

Compare Fingers

For those who have run out of options, you can try comparing your fingers and gauge her size from there. When you’re holding her hand, see if her ring finger is similar in size to one of your fingers! This isn’t amazingly accurate, but any information is greatly welcomed to narrow down on her ring size.

A Few Considerations To Keep In Mind

Diamond Ring, Classic Diamonds

Once you’ve gotten her ring size, don’t celebrate just yet! There are a few things you’ll want to take note of when choosing her dream engagement ring. When considering ring bands, take note that thinner rings tend to have a looser fit than wider ones. A ring with a thin band can fit snugly on her finger, but a wider ring may come off too small.

We also recommend getting a ring that’s one size bigger so that you have the option of adjusting the ring if it doesn’t fit. Discuss with your jewellery consultant what your options are and take note of their free resize period.

At SK Jewellery, we are dedicated to assisting you in your hunt for the perfect engagement ring! With an expansive repertoire of rings and other jewellery items, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your partner’s preferences.

Visit our showroom to explore our jewellery selection and let us be the one to help you take the first step towards a blissful chapter of your lives! For sparkly and quality diamond jewellery, browse our Star Carat lab grown diamonds rings online.

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