Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Get Your Si Dian Jin

Passed down from generation to generation, the longstanding tradition of Si Dian Jin is imbued with meaning and heritage.

In this gift-giving practice, it promotes sincerity and generosity in the marital union, and encourages a harmonious link with both sides of the families.

Why the tradition of Si Dian Jin is worth preserving

Si Dian Jin is a bridal jewellery set, comprising of gold necklace, ring, bangle, and earrings that is provided by the groom to convey his commitment in providing for the bride. The symbolism also extends to signify the family’s acceptance of her.

Originated from Teochew culture, it is practiced by most Chinese families in Singapore today, regardless of dialect. But why has it remained relevant till today in the 21st century?

We explore why it’s important for you to have Si Dian Jin, even in today’s time and age.

1. It represents a commitment

Bridal Jewellery, Gold Jewellery Gift Set

Traditions can be worn out over time; some have been forgotten or simply excluded – but what made Si Dian Jin an enduring custom is the meaning behind it.

The act of presenting a betrothal gift conveys a significant and meaningful promise to provide a good living for the bride and ensure her well-being. It also symbolises her welcome into the family and gives her a sense of belonging.

Si Dian Jin is a tradition worth practicing – as it carries the symbolic meaning of the in-laws’ acceptance that every daughter-in-law will cherish.

2. It makes for a precious heirloom

Si Dian Jin is most likely to be one of the first few significant gifts from your in-laws. This makes the jewellery set a treasured family heirloom to be cherished and passed down to your children when they get married and start their own families in the future.

Getting handed down a piece of heirloom jewellery is a special moment; there’s nothing quite like inheriting a piece of the family’s history to be worn on one of the biggest days of your life. Plus, it makes the perfect vintage jewellery piece that can be worn for everyday or special occasions according to your fashion style.

3. It creates cherished memories

Bridal Jewellery, Gold Jewellery Gift Set

There are many life-changing moments you can get to experience, and this includes your wedding day where you will receive your Si Dian Jin to symbolise the transition from singlehood to marriage.

Usually, the betrothal gift will be presented during the tea ceremony from parents-in-law. With a photographer and videographer on stand-by, you can look forward to capturing and looking back at these touching moments as you reminisce fondly on that day for many years to come.

4. Its beauty lives on beyond your wedding

In the past, it’s common for brides to keep their Si Dian Jin stored safely in the drawer after the wedding day, where it may never be seen again. But today’s contemporary notions of Si Dian Jin dictates that they can be worn again for everyday style or other special occasions.

Plus, there are many modern designs available today to cater to modern brides. With that said, Si Dian Jin remains to be a classic and timeless piece that can stand through the test of time, be worn with versatility and passed on as heirlooms to future generations.

5. It is a form of blessing

Bridal Jewellery, Gold Jewellery Gift Set

Si Dian Jin is worth more than the gold it’s made from; it is rich in significant symbolic meaning.

Gifting the Si Dian Jin allows the in-law family to bestow bountiful blessings and well wishes to the happy couple for a blissful marital union. This is why Si Dian Jin bears intricate engravings of customary motifs that carry different meanings for a prosperous marriage.

Take the legendary pairing of Dragon and Phoenix for instance, which symbolises eternal love and matrimonial bliss. On the other hand, the pig traditionally signifies blessings for fertility, abundance and happiness.

Shop for your Si Dian Jin

Nowadays, brides-to-be are also shopping with their future mothers-in-law for their preferred Si Dian Jin designs. As a gift of love and acceptance from the mother-in-law, this tradition helps to bring families together.

At SK Jewellery, our Si Dian Jin gold jewellery gift sets feature the purest gold 99% to convey your sincerest blessings. You can find beautifully crafted jewellery pieces in modern and traditional designs and motifs, such as the 龙凤 bangle that represents a perfect match made in heaven.

Visit our showrooms to view our exquisite Si Dian Jin designs and add a touch of tradition to your special day.

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