7 Interesting Facts About The Tradition Of Si Dian Jin

The age-old custom of gifting the Si Dian Jin has become an integral and meaningful aspect of a traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore. Some brides believe it has great importance as it carries a significant meaning which has stemmed since the olden times.

More than just a gold jewellery set, Si Dian Jin is rich in cultural roots and heritage, and symbolises acceptance into the groom’s family.

We take a closer look at some interesting details about Si Dian Jin.

1. Si Dian Jin has roots in Teochew culture

Literally translating to “four points of gold”, Si Dian Jin represents the four corners of a rooftop to symbolise the groom’s assurance in providing the bride a roof over her head.

The gifting of four pieces of gold comes in a form of a bridal jewellery set that comprises of a bangle, a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings, given to the bride as a betrothal gift.

2. There are different meanings for each Si Dian Jin piece

Gold Jewellery Set, Bridal Jewellery

Necklace (项链) – highlights the bride’s happiness and nobility, and symbolises the blessings of a couple’s perfect union.

Bracelet (手镯) – represents hand-in-hand, intertwined hearts and unity for eternity.

Earrings (耳环) – conveys the meaning of “hooking together”, which refers to the linking up of two families. The mother-in-law puts on the gold earrings for her daughter-in-law, wishing for her to be dutiful and have the willingness to learn so they can build a harmonious mother and daughter-in-law relationship.

Ring (戒指) – marks the couple taking a formal step into marriage. It represents the daughter-in-law to be harmonious with the family, is filial to her parents-in-law, and be smart in managing the family, finances and home.

3. The gold in Si Dian Jin represents wealth

Si Dian Jin is usually made of gold, specifically 999 Pure Gold which carries a symbol for prosperity and wealth. The rich hue of its material also exudes a warm feel that will promote a natural glow on its wearer.

When worn against the bride’s traditional Chinese Kua, the wedding jewellery will make for an outstanding piece and an extravagant display of wealth. Choosing a Si Dian Jin with 99.9% gold content also helps to convey the purest blessing and sincerity in the marital union.

4. Gold is also more symbolic than just monetary value

Gold Jewellery Set, Bridal Jewellery

Gold has always been the preferred choice for Si Dian Jin, a prized possession that is treasured for its monetary value and importance. However, the significance of gold also makes for a symbolic and auspicious gift to welcome the bride to the family.

For parents-in-law, Si Dian Jin also presents a good face (面子) that the family is overly generous and she will be well taken care of. The chunkier the gold jewellery, the more favourable it depicts the groom’s family wealth in being able to provide a good living to the bride.

Gifting the Si Dian Jin is also an important symbolic gesture to give the bride assurance of the groom’s sincerity and generosity in providing for her.

5. Si Dian Jin is considered to be an heirloom

Si Dian Jin is one of the wedding traditions that are still widely practised by soon-to-be newlyweds. It is not uncommon for brides to receive their mother’s Si Dian Jin set. They want to provide their daughter with a meaningful heirloom and cherished values that can be retained and passed down from generation to generation.

The bride can then preserve and keep the custom alive with her own children in the future. It also highlights the invaluable significance of receiving a parent’s unconditional love and blessings.

6. Today’s Si Dian Jin comes in modern styles

Gold Jewellery Set, Bridal Jewellery

In the past, brides keep their gold jewellery safely inside their own home without wearing it again after the wedding. Today, they prefer to wear their Si Dian Jin for everyday or special occasions and match it with their own sense of style.

As such, there are more options for Si Dian Jin with contemporary designs to cater to today’s needs. Pure gold remains to be a popular choice but there are also jade, diamonds, pearls and gemstones designs to offer an alternative twist.

7. Intricate symbols and its significance

Si Dian Jin bears intricate engravings of long-revered motifs that signify an auspicious and prosperous marriage. You can find Si Dian Jin jewellery that incorporates one or more of the following designs which carry different meanings:

Flower: embodies the bride’s beauty and elegance

Shuang Xi (双囍): translating to double happiness, this design symbolises bliss and happiness

Dragon and Phoenix: represents a divine match made in heaven for a long-lasting marriage that stands the test of time

Pig: a traditional symbol of fertility to bless the couple with offspring

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