Top 10 Wedding Ring Designs In 2020 For Couples To Consider

Love is a universal experience and emotion, but no two relationships are the same. Thus, when it comes to expressing your devotion to your significant other, it should be done in a way that is unique to the bond shared by the both of you.

Rich in symbolism, wedding rings and bands are worn to reflect the promise of a marriage. However, it also conveys a significant meaning to your partner – a lifetime of commitment, devotion and love.

With that said, we know some couples are looking for the best and latest ring designs available. One factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is the comfort level – you’d have to consider this practical reason since you use your hands for work, outdoor activities and day-to-day tasks. Nowadays, wedding bands have a comfort fit feature for a more comfortable wear.

Wedding Bands: Comfort Fit vs Standard Fit

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

You might not have been previously aware of it, but the inside of a ring band comes in different shapes. Mostly, these surfaces are flat but Comfort Fit rings are crafted such that inside of the band is slightly domed. This results in a very comfortable fit and helps your band to slide off smoothly.

If you’re familiar with the way you try to pull your ring off and it bunches the skin on your finger in front of your knuckle, Comfort Fit rings are designed to do the opposite. Rings with inner flat surfaces end up creating suction, which can cause an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation when removing.

At SK Jewellery, our wedding bands are specially designed in Comfort Fit which are recommended for everyday wear, so couples can enjoy a quality ring that is easier to wear and feels much more comfortable once worn.

Top 10 ring designs to pick from

On top of the symbolism that rings carry, your choice of rings also speaks to your personality and distinct style. Take a look at some of the ring designs below that perfectly encapsulate your love story and taste.

1. Star Carat Classic Love Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

If you’re one for the classics, you’ll love this classic diamond ring set in 18K white gold setting. Defined by simplicity and sophistication, there is a reason why this type of ring is called the classics – a traditional diamond cut with minimal designs never goes out of style.

2. Star Carat Twinkle Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

Featuring a beautiful lab grown diamond, this solitaire ring is set in 18K white gold with pinch micro-prong shank. With a total of 15 pavé diamonds that line the band, it gives an enhanced glimmer to the ring for a more brilliant sparkle.

3. Star Carat Classic Twirl Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

Set in a delicate 18K white gold twirl setting, this ring features a unique, sculptural shape that will direct your attention to the feature diamond. The twist design adds a subtle touch of chicness that also represents the interwoven love that you and your significant other share.

4. Star Carat Classic Crown Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

This ring features a popular setting style, referred to as Crown setting which has claws surrounding the round cut lab grown diamond to secure it in place. It also gives the stone an elevated look as the prongs are designed to resemble a crown that’s fitting for the queen of your heart.

5. One and Only

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

Designed for couples to wear matching wedding bands, these are crafted in 18K white/gold rose. We all encounter people from all walks of life; and it is by fate that we are destined to be each other’s one and only.

For the women’s wedding band, the row of diamonds represents the eternal love while the single diamond says ‘you are the only one for me’.

6. Crossroad to Happiness

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

The cross design of the ring represents a couple’s road to love. The intertwining of the two gold types (18K white/rose gold) represents romance and unswerving faith, while diamonds on the wedding band represent eternal happiness from your partner.

7. My One True Love

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

The 18K white gold of the ring symbolises pure love between a couple, as well as their loyal and unchanging feelings towards each other.

The up and down design of the ring represents the ups and downs in a person’s life.

If a couple encounters any difficulty in life, all they have to do is to cling onto each other and weather through the storm together.

When the storm is finally over, your love will bloom and shine bright like the center diamond.

8. Infinity of Love

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

White gold represents the couple’s unchanging love, and diamonds represents eternal promise. The wave design of the ring represents the unwavering and eternal love of both partners.

The small diamond embellishment on the women’s ring carries the representation that the man’s love for the woman is like a diamond.

9. You Complete Me Gold Rings

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

Perfect for his and hers rings, this pair truly screams romance. What better way to show you are two halves of one whole with a ring that each feature a split heart detail. When stacked together, they form the ultimate symbol of love – the ideal representation of how you complete each other.

10. Classic Gold Rings

Diamond Ring, Simple Wedding Bands

Considered to be a traditional metal for wedding rings, gold has been long treasured for its natural beauty and radiance. Along with the choice of gold, the ‘fortune’ word is meticulously inscribed in the ring’s interior to portray wealth and fortune and bless the marriage. These classic, simple wedding bands offer a sleek and lustrous look to capture the bond of love. They also come in an adjustable size for a proper fit.

Celebrate the love you share with the ideal ring design

No matter your personal preference, be it gold or diamonds, SK Jewellery offers a plethora of choices for your ideal wedding ring.

Our Star Carat collection features lab grown diamonds that share the same chemical composition and physical properties as mined diamonds, at a fraction of the cost. Cultivated in a controlled lab environment, these diamonds are IGI certified and undergo strict 4C grading requirements to offer quality yet affordable jewellery options without breaking the bank.

At SK Jewellery, we also offer gold wedding bands made from the purest form of gold,

beautifully crafted and meaningfully conceptualised to celebrate special moments in life. Visit our showrooms to check out more ring designs for you and your beloved!

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