Top 7 Proposal Spots In Singapore To Pop The Question

The time has come; you have found someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with and you want to take your relationship to the next level.

A proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. You will remember this day forever, but it also marks the beginning of your new journey together with your partner. Popping the question may take a little more effort in planning so you can sweep her off her feet as she says the anticipated yes.

While travelling isn’t an option now, it doesn’t mean your proposal setting will fall short in romance. If you’re looking for the right spot to get down on your knees, we’ve shortlisted the top proposal locations right here in Singapore to display your ultimate gesture of love.

1. Catching the sunset

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Take inspiration from the beauty of nature – that moment at dusk as the sun disappears below the horizon is incredibly dreamy, so why not catch that small window of opportunity to propose. For an unobstructed ocean view, head out to the pier at Changi Point Coastal Walk to catch the sunset.

For more privacy, escape the city to Pulau Ubin where you can walk along the long jetty at Chek Jawa Wetlands. With a golden sunset as your backdrop, transform this tranquil setting with candles, roses and music!

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Twinkle Diamond Ring

With bright rays and golden hues, sunsets symbolise the warm disposition people want in a marriage. Make her heart warm and flutter with this beautiful lab grown diamond solitaire on a diamond-accented band which offers a gorgeous, attention-grabbing sparkle.

2. Among the natural scenery

With the nature as your setting, this proposal is one she won’t forget. As the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, the Henderson Waves bridge is situated 36 meters above ground to offer you some of the best natural scenery. Talk a walk through the Southern Ridges Walk to admire stunning views of the island, and rich tropical flora and fauna before going for that romantic surprise.

The Punggol Waterway Park is another spot that serves as the perfect backdrop for your proposal, with its boardwalk of serene green spaces and picturesque views. It is a great way to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle for this special, private moment.

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Star Carat Classic Love Diamond Ring

Profess your love in this exquisite 18K white gold ring with a round brilliant cut diamond. Complete your outdoors proposal with a classic, timeless ring that is romantic and definitely swoon-worthy to match the beautiful nature surroundings. Perfect for the elegant woman, this no-frills design never goes out of style.

3. Romance in the garden

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Being surrounded with flowers and blooms are enough to make one smile, but proposing to your partner in a garden setting will make her feeling on cloud nine. Gardens by the Bay on the OCBC Skyway or in the Flower Dome is a charming idea to consider – the setting is made even more perfect with gorgeous blooms all around.

But if you want something more laidback, enjoy dinner in a unique dome, set in a lush edible garden at The Summerhouse in Seletar. Be immersed with nature as you wine and dine under the stars in the comfort of their air-conditioned geodesic domes, with the best sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Bloom Diamond Ring

This ring name couldn’t be even more perfect for a garden proposal! The flower-shaped diamond setting offers a great fit for the special woman in your life who love fresh blooms and floral designs. The ring comprises of a large center stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds to offer a classic yet distinctive appearance.

4. Under the sea

Whether you’re a fan of the water or marine animals, this idea provides a surreal experience. Filled with colourful fishes and corals, the S.E.A. Aquarium allows you to get front-row seat to its beautiful marine biodiversity. You can propose at the oceanarium itself, at the Ocean Restaurant or at the Ocean Dreams for a romantic night underwater.

For something above water, renting a private yacht might be perfect for you. Set sail out to the open sea – the bright blue sky and calm sea set up the ideal setting for an intimate proposal. Depending on the charter package, you can also customise the sailing path, destination and activities included to complete the experience.

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Iridescent Diamond Ring

Featuring a curvaceous ‘wave’ setting that gently cascade over the diamond, this design symbolises your love for her that flows from your heart like water. It also represents the ebb and flow of your relationship; there are bound to be highs and lows that the both of you have to overcome together, but emerge stronger. This ring also boasts 32 diamonds to offer an impressive sparkle.

5. High up in the skies

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

A proposal in the skies is guaranteed to take her breath away. Dubbed as Asia’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel, the Singapore Flyer stands tall at 165 meters and has been an iconic feature in the city skyline. Go the extra mile and book the entire capsule to keep the proposal private – it will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Alternatively, take in the romantic night sky with a special Cable Car Sky Dining Experience. With a cosy dining space in the sky that’s perfect for two, you can savour a fine 4-course dinner as you admire the magnificent aerial view for a truly celebratory affair!

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Brilliant Diamond Ring

The criss-cross shank represents the interwoven love you and your partner share, perfect for the star-crossed lovers. Set in rows of paved diamonds in 18K white gold, this beautiful lab grown diamond solitaire sits in the center to symbolise the unbreakable bond and strong love you have for each other.

6. A view from the top

If the sky’s too high for those with fear of heights, you can still get a bird’s eye view from the rooftop! High roof-top restaurants like Artemis Grill & Sky Bar and Cé La Vi boast a scenic view and set the right mood for a romantic night ahead. Be sure to order glass of bubbly and toast to your new journey together.

For something more lowkey, the Esplanade rooftop offers chill vibes and a quiet getaway from the bustling area on the ground floor. With views of Marina Bay, this location offers manicured lawns, trees and shrubs where you can lay down a picnic mat and decorate with fairy lights and flowers before popping the question!

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring

What’s another stunning view to witness? Not one but three round lab grown diamonds on her finger. This ring design sports a trio of captivating diamonds – to symbolise your past, present and future together. Set in 18K white gold, spoil her with a 2 carat diamond ring to adorn her finger. It is perfect for a woman who appreciates the symbolism and loves a sentimental piece.

7. Architecture and dining

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Restaurant proposals are nothing new but you can never go wrong with good food and an amazing ambience. Singapore has no shortage of beautiful restaurants but The White Rabbit is raved for its old colonial charm, tucked away not too far from the city. Enjoy the delicious cuisine amongst its chapel-like architecture and stained-glass windows.

The historic Alkaff Mansion is another grand location that features European-style architecture and a multi-concept dining destination. Take your pick from the bar, café or restaurant – and commemorate your special moment over tantalising delicacies.

Wedding Ring, Affordable Jewellery

Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

For the fashion-forward woman, this ring offers a brilliant cut solitaire diamond with a halo design. The central stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds, designed to appear larger and sparkle even brighter. It is a classic work of art that possesses great splendour to signify that your romance knows no bounds.

Mark this special and memorable moment with a beautiful ring

Go above and beyond with your proposal planning so you can remember this day fondly. At SK Jewellery, we offer a range of engagement and wedding rings to help you celebrate significant moments in life. Our Star Carat collection features lab grown diamonds which are formed in the lab, under replicated conditions similar to how mined diamonds grow deep in the Earth’s crust.

The result is a lab created diamond that shares the same chemical and physical properties as a mined diamond, without the exorbitant cost. This means you can get an affordable jewellery that’s suitable for your budget – for a 0.5 carat diamond ring price that’s mined from the Earth, you can attain one carat lab grown diamond instead! It also offers a more sustainable option, especially for today’s conscious consumers.

Make an appointment at our SK Jewellery showrooms to view our stunning diamond rings and witness their sparkling allure in person!

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