Your Handy Checklist to Planning a Virtual Wedding

Virtual weddings are no longer a strange and foreign concept – if you can’t go the traditional route with your wedding ceremony, going all-digital can still be a memorable way to tie the knot.

While nothing will replace the in-person experience, virtual weddings still bring everyone together and provide them the opportunity to witness the celebration of your love in real time. If you need some help to get started, here’s a handy checklist to help you plan a virtual wedding!

Hire professional help

Let the experts take care of the logistics. Especially in virtual weddings, the last thing you need is livestreaming problems and poor camera angles. You’d want guests watching from home to be able to see and hear everything clearly, so audio and lighting issues should be handled professionally. You might also want to hire a photographer to document your wedding and schedule a pre- or post-ceremony photo shoot outdoors.

Select a venue

Select a venue

Since you’re planning a virtual wedding, you can have more freedom in choosing your ideal venue since guest size isn’t a limitation. Whether it’s an outdoor garden or a traditional ballroom, make sure to pick a spot that not only looks great in-person but also works well on video (great lighting is key!). You can also get married in the comfort of your home – just get everything camera-ready!

Choose your streaming platform

Zoom Conferencing, Google Hangouts, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live are all possible options. How you wish to broadcast your ceremony depends on whether you want a livestream that guests can watch or if you wish to see them on the screen as well. If you have a more complex affair, then you might need separate feeds for the entire guestlist and only a few invited ones.

Send out invitations

Send out invitations

You can still send out traditional wedding invitations even if you’re having a virtual wedding, or opt for digital invites to manage your RSVPs easily. If you want to include a few people at the live event while the rest watch from home, specify on the invite. Include information on how to access the live feed and a timeline of events. There may be people who are using this for the first time, so make sure your instructions are clear and helpful.

If your guests are also appearing on the screen, provide a suggested dress code so everyone can be camera-ready for your big day. You can designate someone to take screenshots of your guests’ reactions throughout the ceremony to include in your wedding album!

Schedule your big day

With virtual weddings, it might run on a shorter timeline. You might need to eliminate some things you have originally planned to incorporate and focus on certain aspects that mean the most to you and your partner. Customise it to bring out your personality as a couple.

Think about what happens after your ceremony as well. For example, a virtual reception or after-party allows you to host smaller groups in the video call for an intimate celebration. Another option is to have each guest unmute their microphone and say a few words to the newlyweds. Cue the happy tears!

Get creative with the virtual experience

Get creative with the virtual experience

Come up with ways to make your guests feel immersed in your wedding celebration. Set up a virtual guestbook on your wedding website so guests can write their well wishes. Have them pre-record video messages which can be contributions to a video montage you can play on the live feed.

You might also want to deliver specially prepared meals, mini dessert boxes or pre-mixed cocktails to your guests’ homes so they can enjoy it while watching the feed. Besides edible treats, you can send your guests mini floral arrangements which double up as wedding favours and decorative pieces for their homes.

Do a rehearsal

Doing a small trial run or two is definitely crucial. You’d want to ensure you have the right angle for recording and all of the tech is running smoothly. Broadcast your rehearsal to a few close friends or family members who can alert you to any issues.

There are also other logistics you may want to iron out – do you want your partner to appear on-screen first as he waits at the aisle, or do you want to start it with the both of you on the screen together? Don’t forget to include some buffer time for people to start logging in – have the camera showing the ceremony area and play some music while waiting for the guests to “arrive”.

Shop for wedding essentials

Shop for wedding essentials

Getting married is such a momentous experience for the couple. Besides getting the perfect wedding attire to exchange your vows in, finding the right wedding jewellery should also be on your to-do list. Your wedding band, in particular, symbolises your commitment and love to each other, and will be cherished for years to come, so you’d definitely want to do some research into the kind of ring design you prefer.

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