15 Cute Spring Jewellery Trends Exclusively From SK in 2022

When it comes to fashion, an outfit is never complete without a piece of dazzling jewellery. Even if you are more on the casual side when it comes to dressing up, a chic pair of earrings or layered necklace can do some wonders to your style. After all, with the implementation of working from home, fashion trends took an exciting and unexpected turn.

Whether you like to keep it simple by adorning a dainty gold chain or go all out with chunky pieces and statement designs, there is a trend for every jewellery lover out there. Now that the spring season is already on its way, you may be wondering what the latest trends provided by jewellery shops in Singapore are.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of fifteen jewellery trends from us so that you can bloom this spring.

1. Fortune Cat 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Charm

Fortune Cat 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Charm

If you are a cat lover or looking for a good luck charm, invest in this Fortune Cat charm! The Fortune Cat, known as maneki-neko in Japan, is stemmed from the idea of having a cat welcoming and greeting you. It is said to bring good luck if you have it anywhere in your home, office or business.

Moreover, it’s crafted in 999 pure gold, making it an ideal fashion accessory. With fashion and fortune combined, this golden fortune cat charm will enhance your style and bring good luck wherever you go. The best part is this charm comes with a complementary bracelet, where you can choose the colour and length.

2. Beau Bear 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Beau Bear 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Try this charming beau bear necklace if you are going for an adorable style! Besides being cuddly and cute, teddy bears often represent unconditional love, comfort, security and companionship.

After all, teddy bears are often in everyone’s memories as something they loved as children. Due to what a teddy bear represents, this jewellery would make a great gift for your loved ones.

3. Pink Candied Bear Skarlet Diamond Pendant

Pink Candied Bear Skarlet Diamond Pendant

Like the Beau Bear 999 Pure Gold Pendant, this pendant represents a gift of love and symbolises an attachment from the giver to the recipient. A teddy bear is good at providing comfort because it’s always there and is entirely predictable.

Moreover, due to the design, it makes for a delicate and sweet gift for women. With the diamonds embedded around the necklace, it’s sure to make any outfit dazzling as well.

4. SK 916 Tiger Abacus Gold Pendant

SK 916 Tiger Abacus Gold Pendant

Aside from this year being the Year of the Tiger, since tigers are from the family of wild cats, they symbolise courage, strength and grandeur. On the other hand, the abacus is an instrument that is used for calculating transactions, where little beads could be pushed back and forth to represent numbers and figures.

Because the abacus has a history of clever working and problem solving, it’s considered to represent prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies, which is beneficial to your career. By combining these two, you get the best of both worlds.

5. Little Fu Shen 999 Gold Pendant

Little Fu Shen 999 Gold Pendant

Not only is this pendant adorable, but it also depicts Fu Shen, who is the Chinese god of happiness. Moreover, it also represents success and prosperity. Hence, this pendant would be a great present as a blessing to the recipient.

Due to the pendant’s cute style, this is also the ideal gift for children should you want to wish them happiness.

6. Yellow Duck Bracelet Charm

Yellow Duck Bracelet Charm

This may seem like a simple duck at first glance, but did you know that ducks symbolise many things? Ducks represent clarity, love, protection, balance, adaptation, grace, instinct, strength, and many more.

The values ducks represent shine perfectly when it is skilfully crafted in 999 Pure Gold and has a glittering surface, making it the ideal accessory to add to your bracelet.

Disney Jewellery Collection   

You can finally shine with your favourite characters with SK’s Disney-themed jewellery line. With Disney constantly adding in new characters and emphasising old ones, Disney will always remain a trend among children and adults alike.

Here are some of our best products from the Disney Jewellery Collection:

7. A Pooh Bear Full Of Love 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

A Pooh Bear Full Of Love 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Winnie the Pooh is known for being a soft-spoken and cuddly teddy bear. Some may perceive Winnie the Pooh as a personification of their own teddy bears, offering them innocence, simplicity, and a joyful place to escape.

Since one of the biggest trends is heart-shaped accessories, it is also one of the more fashionable charms. Why not show appreciation for this loveable teddy bear by adorning one of these charms?

8. Tigger Tail Double-Sided Hunny-Comb 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Tigger Tail Double-Sided Hunny-Comb 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Not only is the honeycomb a representation of what Winnie the Pooh likes, it also means kindness, unity and warmth, which is essential for any community and family.

This jewellery makes a good reminder of the need to go through tough times with an optimistic outlook, just like kind, idealistic Tigger who has a strong and united friendship with Winnie the Pooh even when times are tough.

9. Face Of Pooh 999 Pure Gold Ring

Face Of Pooh 999 Pure Gold Ring

This gold ring is ideal for you if you prefer to be more glamorous yet still keep the simplicity! Being made out of 999 Pure Gold, this Winnie the Pooh is a classic and subtle accessory that will help you dazzle in your outfit.

Moreover, yellow gold looks fantastic on anyone because its warm colour is eye-catching on all skin tones. In particular, it stands out even more when people with warmer skin tones wear it. It’s the ideal way to express your love for Winnie the Pooh.

10. Winnie The Pooh And Friends 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Winnie The Pooh And Friends 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

If you are indecisive about which Winnie the Pooh character you want on your bracelet, then why not have them all? With this bracelet featuring the iconic trio of the show, you can carry around the reminder of a strong friendship everywhere you go.

Since the charms have already been put in the bracelet, there is no need to buy the charms separately. It’s also suitable for those who do not want to go through the hassle of choosing the charms.

11. Mickey Mouse Pants 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Mickey Mouse Pants 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Everything about Mickey Mouse is iconic when it comes to Disney’s mascot! You’d probably recognise the character, even if all you see is the pants. After all, no words can describe the unique shape of Mickey’s pants.

Because it’s a detachable pendant, you can put it with various types of chains to make a necklace. You can mix and match with other pendants to show your love for Mickey Mouse.

12. M Is For Mickey 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

M Is For Mickey 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

This iconic letter represents Mickey’s name, so if you are a fan of Mickey, you should add this charm to your accessory collection! You can match it with other charms available to customise your bracelet since it’s subtle, fashionable and versatile.

Better yet, if your name starts with M, you can see it as adding the first letter of your name to the bracelet to personalise it.

13. Meet Mickey! 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Meet Mickey! 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Capture the magic with this Mickey Mouse pendant! As Mickey is known to be energetic, fun, and adventurous, this pendant will bring you cheer everywhere you go!

This accessory is ideal if you want the entirety of the character instead of just its signature gloves, pants or icon! As it’s carved from 999 Pure Gold, it also adds a touch of cuteness and elegance to any outfit.

14. Minnie Mouse Bow 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Minnie Mouse Bow 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

If you are a fan of adorable things or love Minnie Mouse, consider adding this Minnie Mouse bow! Aside from being a cute decoration, it projects the concept of innocence and femininity, along with qualities of being gentle, soft and compliant.

Moreover, the bow can represent security since it usually ties or fastens something together. You can wear this charm alone or pair it up with other charms to make your unique bracelet.

15. Mickey Mouse Set 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Mickey Mouse Set 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Mickey Mouse has many symbols that define him. This bracelet is ideal if you are a massive fan of this little mascot! This bracelet not only depicts the character’s head, but it also features the signature accessories Mickey is well-known for.

A must-have for Mickey fans, the charms are also detachable, so you can mix and match other Mickey Mouse charms if you wish to make your unique Mickey bracelet.


This spring, indulge yourself in the latest trends and give yourself a new look with our dazzling products. As one of the most versatile and established jewellery shops in Singapore, our 999 Gold Jewellery is valuable and trendy among everyone.

Moreover, you can enjoy childhood nostalgia and fun with our latest Disney Jewellery Collection. With creative ways to carve your favourite characters into precious jewellery, we are sure that you will find something that catches your fancy here. For a complimentary consultation, do book an appointment with us today!

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