Auspicious Gift Ideas to Wish Good Luck to Your Children

You might have heard the recent math question from this year’s PSLE paper that went viral and had gotten everyone stumped. But challenging examinations are mostly to be expected, especially with how much is stressed upon having academic success for a bright future ahead.

As a parent or a caring family member, it’s natural to worry about your child’s performance in school. So, what are the ways you can do to facilitate? While the math question is about Helen and Ivan having the same number of coins, you can use your coins to help your children cope with tests and examinations when you gift them auspicious jewellery.

Below are some jewellery gift ideas that can serve different purposes and boost your child’s luck!

Pixiu and Agate bead

Pixiu and Agate bead

The pairing of Pixiu and Agate bracelets is said to have a special influence and bring benefits to its wearer. But before we dive in, a quick introduction to Pixiu: it is a mythical creature believed to feed on unlimited wealth from all directions and store it inside its stomach. It acts as a great guardian of wealth, while warding off evil spirits and preventing good fortune from slipping away.

You will notice that Pixiu has a wide open mouth, a unique feature that symbolises its ability to stomach all incoming wealth and good fortune. As a quick tip: Wear the bracelet on your left hand with the Pixiu’s mouth facing outward, as this will welcome and absorb good fortune for you.

Gold Pixiu is typically paired with different Agates, and each pairing has a different meaning. Black Agate is commonly used to ward off bad luck, welcome good fortune and strengthen immunity in the body. With prolonged wear, it tends to boost happiness and allows the wearer to feel secure and more confident in their lives.

There is also the Red Agate, which is a favourite amongst parents as it helps with a child’s intellectual development. Besides boosting inspiration and creative thinking, it is great for strengthening one’s memory and comprehension skills. Red Agate also helps with relieving anxiety and distress, improving family bonds and maintaining physical and mental harmony and health.

Similarly, the Pink Agate is considered to bring clarity of mind and introduce strength in tough times. Especially when faced with stress, it can improve concentration, insight, mental function and analytical abilities – all of which are helpful for your child. Pink Agate instills positive energy and dismisses fear, and it is also linked to parental love which can strengthen your relationships.


The Amethyst provides calming energy and relieves stress to reduce fear, anger and anxiety, allowing one to handle their emotions with more ease. It is also a versatile stone which promotes good luck in all areas of your life, creating a balance between the body’s emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

The wearer can get protection with the Amethyst, thanks to its protective nature to guard against psychic attack and negative energy. If your child easily feels stressed out about their studies and wishes to dispel any negativity, the Amethyst can help them feel grounded, protected and calm for a better mood and health condition.



Jade has always had a very special significance in the longstanding history of Chinese culture, valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection. As a protective stone, it keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony to aid in both emotional and physical well-being.

In Feng Shui, its green colour is associated with tranquility and calmness to soothe the mind and release negative thoughts when dealing with difficult situations. This stone also embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, courage, justice and compassion, which are good traits for your child to be connected to.


The yellow hues of Citrine symbolise the spiritual qualities of joy and abundance, providing relief from stress and anxiety while bringing happiness and optimism that keep your mood light. Not only will you feel more energetic, you will feel more self-confident and attract positive energy that uplifts your spirit.

Known to attract prosperity and success, Citrine also strengthens the intellect, stimulates creativity and enhances concentration so your child can have better clarity of mind to focus on their studies and find success in their exams. This also keeps them attentive and in a balanced state of mind for decision-making problems.

Good luck charms

Good luck charms

While the above-mentioned gemstones are well-loved for their attributes and properties, there’s something special about gifting your loved one with customised jewellery. Our Charm Builder allows you to personalise jewellery online conveniently and create your own bracelet with a good luck charm that suits your child!

Browse our array of 999 Pure Gold Charms and pick your favourite charm that best represents your well-wishes or even matches the personality of your child. There are so many different styles of the charm bracelet you can personalise while bringing good fortune, luck and protection to those who wear it.


While the PSLE examination was about who has more money in coins between Ivan and Helen, our takeaway here is that it doesn’t matter in life. But rather, it’s the thought that counts – the more important thing is the intention and goodwill to convey our purest blessings and luck to the loved ones around us.

Here at SK Jewellery, our selection of auspicious jewellery and good luck charms make the perfect gift for your child and to help them along in life and their academic prospects. Show them how much you care for their well-being with something they can wear and cherish for years to come. Book an appointment for a complimentary consultation and learn more about our collections in any of our SK Jewellery showrooms!

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