Chinese New Year Celebrations And Its Relevance In Modern Times

The year of the tiger is well and truly upon us, and Chinese New Year, being one of the biggest celebrations and holidays in Singapore, we at SK Jewellery will attempt to explain why this holiday is still relevant these days.

With Chinese New Year’s importance is deeply rooted in history and remains the most crucial occasion for generations of families to reunite and spend time together.

In the current era, modern families tend to be kept busy either by careers, education, and a hectic lifestyle fuelled by the relentless drive towards success; Chinese New Year provides an opportunity for everyone to catch up and rebuild bonds.

Highly steeped in tradition, the celebration carries a considerable significance, especially among the family elders. But is it as crucial today? Let us share as to why they are!

What does Chinese New Year represent?

What does Chinese New Year represent?

This annual celebration carries an immense significance with all its customs and traditions as it symbolizes the ushering in of a new dawn. The 15 day-long festival represents a fresh start in one’s life, renewing the hopes for wealth, prosperity, and happiness. It also brings about ridding oneself of the bad and the old.

Chinese New Year is also a celebration that reveres the tradition of strengthening bonds, showing respect, apportioning blessings, and sharing abundance. Familial relations are also an essential element in the festivities. With the fast-paced world that we live in today, taking time away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives, it is always good to slow down and enjoy the company of close friends, family, and loved ones.

Bring in the New Year with SK Jewellery

This Lunar New Year brings the Year of the Tiger, more specifically, the year of the water tiger. The tiger in the Chinese zodiac symbolizes power, determination, and respect. Unlike conventional western beliefs, the Chinese zodiac sees the tiger as the actual ‘king of the jungle.’

What better way to shake things up this year and express your appreciation to those near and dear to you by gifting them something that is not only symbolic but also a stylish gift that will stand the test of time.

While innumerable gifts are available, allow us to offer you our take on the best facilities and bundles for this festive period. Browse to your heart’s content and take in our comprehensive array of Chinese New Year collections. We are sure that there is something to suit everyone.

Opulent tiger 999 pure gold figurine cny bundle


Inaugurate the year of the tiger with our one-of-a-kind Opulent Tiger figurine bundle! Forged with 999 pure gold, these elegant piece ushers in a year with the promise of wealth and abundance. The bundle comes with our customizable Lucky Zodiac 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Charm. Crafted with great care, skill, and precision, this 999 Pure Gold, the pure charm bracelet, feature customized symbols of their lucky zodiac that will help boost their luck and enable you to build meaningful relationships. What’s more, it comes with a complimentary bracelet.

To add to an already impressive bundle, we have also included our Wealth Angpow, which comes with our 999 pure gold coin.

This is a bundle that will undoubtedly impress and tug at the heartstrings of the recipient.

Year of the tiger resounding blessings 999 pure gold ang pow bundle


Blessings aplenty come with this particular bundle. Procure our complete set of ang pows that come emblazoned with the very poignant wishes of Prosperous, Flourish, Peace and Wealth. The ang pows come with our 999 Pure Gold coins adorning the Chinese Characters of ‘Ji Xiang’ ‘Ru Yi’ ‘Ping An’ ‘Fu Gui.’ Unsurpassed in its meaning and thoughtfulness, this is a gift that will send wishes to the beneficiary in the form of 祥, 如意, 平安, 富贵.

While this alone would constitute a great gift, we at SK Jewellery also include a limited edition tiger coin bank to start them on their journey to abundance and wealth. This is a bundle that transcends generations!

Majestic tiger 999 pure gold gold bar 0.5g cny bundle


This being the new year, we bring good tidings in the form of an unrivaled bundle. Our expertly designed and crafted Majestic Tiger is perfectly represented in the form of a 999 Pure Gold bar. We have included our signature ang pows that bear good tidings for those who receive them.

We have specially curated this bundle to come with an air of sophistication and elegance that will be sure to delight many!

Brilliant tiger keychain and 999 pure gold gold bar necklace cny bundle


This impressively put together bundle comes with our ever-popular 999 Pure Gold

Bar necklace and a stunningly designed Brilliant Tiger gold coin. We have further enhanced the experience by including an adorable tiger keychain that will bring smiles to the faces of those you decide to bestow this gift to.

A bundle that marries both the classic and chic, it is a gift that will be timeless, appreciated, and adored by many!


Please bring in The Chinese New Year with gifts steeped in the customs and traditions while giving it a quaint and decidedly modern twist. With a history of thousands of years long, the Chinese New Year is and will remain a celebration that will carry on for many more generations to come. Now with SK Jewellery, you can commemorate it with a contemporary twist!

Our multiple arrays of jewelry are sure to be able to meet your enduing needs suited for every occasion. Be they the sure-fire hit that is the diamond earrings to the in-vogue tennis bracelets; we are sure that we can be your one-stop shop to meet your gifting demands. Please book an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation today!

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