Shop Gifts of Fun this New Year with SK Jewellery’s Disney Collection

Following the year of the rat in 2020 and the year of the ox in 2021, the tiger’s year represents taking risks and adventure. We are waving goodbye to the caution and anxiety-filled years of before. This is the year that we rediscover our enthusiasm and zest for life.

Speaking of enthusiasm and a zest for life, we have partnered with the fine folks at Disney to bring you a selection of gift options that are filled to the brim and meet all the requisite customs that CNY entails whilst adding a smattering the elements that have long been associated with Disney.

We need not say overstate how important Chinese New Year and its celebrations are, and at SK Jewellery, we understand that you may want to present gifts to your closest and dearest.

Let us tell you the significance of the gift-giving tradition and why it remains a cornerstone of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

What does gift-giving represent?

What does gift-giving represent?

Since the beginning of civilisation, it has been theorised that troglodytes gave presents like unusually shaped rocks and animal teeth to strengthen social connection and show their appreciation to others.

As a custom during Chinese New Year, the practice of gifting has evolved from the humble tradition of giving money in ‘red packets’ or 红包 as it is more popularly known.

Chinese New Year brings with it a wide array of conventions and customs. With their long-standing reverences towards traditions, these celebrations, whilst having abundant joy and blessings, also possess a degree of decorum and etiquette.

The following are things that are to be observed during the festive period. They are:

– Getting the right colours for the gifts

When it comes to gifting during Chinese New Year, the colour of the gift, the wrapping paper and the bag it comes in play a huge role. To symbolise wealth and prosperity, it is best to choose red, yellow and gold.

– Giving gifts in the correct number 

The Chinese place a significant emphasis on numbers. Even numbers are an ideal choice when considering your purchases. The luckiest number is viewed as 88. The number 4 is to be avoided as it sounds like the Chinese pronunciation of the number is akin to the word death.

– Gifting and clasping gifts with two hands

This custom shows respect and ties in with the bond building and traditional familial structures; the process of gifting is entrenched in the belief that you are paying homage to your recipient by giving with two hands.

– Work your way through the generations.

It is imperative to ensure that you show your respect by consistently addressing the family’s eldest member and working your way through the generations. It will display a sign of tremendous respect and reverence.

Now that you know what to and what not to do, you can now rest safe with that knowledge and now be able to ensure that you can preserve the age-old traditions while at the same time injecting a contemporary take with our partnership with Disney.

Usher in the New year with SK Jewellery and Disney

This Chinese New Year, we have partnered with Disney to bring you brings the Year of the Tiger, or in this case, the Year of the Tigger, with our moments of gold Disney collection.  At SK Jewellery, we have always emphasised family and fun. With our affiliation with Disney, we can bring you both the elements in a marriage made for merrymaking and frolic that transcends generations.

Whilst we understand that there are numerous gifts available on the market, let us guide you on your voyage to finding the best products that will meet all your gifting needs that will be memorable and add a boundless element of fun and symbolism as well.

SK Jewellery is known for our bestsellers like diamond earrings and our chic tennis bracelets, but we decided to bring a little piece of Disney magic into our products this Chinese New Year!

Year of tigger 0.5g 999 pure gold bar


This New Year, celebrate the year of the tiger with Tigger, our energetic and cheerful friend from Disney! Made with our signature 999 pure gold bar, this 0.5-gram gem is sure to delight many!

Mickey and Minnie care about you 在”虎”你 999 pure gold bar


Mickey and Minne are royalty in the world of animation. And now they are here to bring festive cheer this Chinese New Year! This intricately detailed and curated gift is crafted from our signature 999 pure gold. It makes for a grant that comes with blessings and an element of fun that is sure to be appreciated and treasured for years to come!

Mickey mouse 999 pure gold figurine cny bundle


We are thrilled to bring you this assortment full of unbridled adventure, energy and a zest for life. Mickey is here to bring you an extra pep during this Chinese New Year in the form of an immaculately designed figurine. To top this already stellar gift, we have included Mickey and Minnie’s 999 pure gold faces emblazoned in the states of coins. While either would make for an excellent standalone gift, the pairing in this bundle makes for a great gift that is sure to bring smiles to the faces you decide to bestow upon!

Tigger 999 pure gold figurine cny bundle


Tigger returns! In this bundle, our friendly, cheerful and fun friend comes to brighten up your living area. Tigger comes exquisitely crafted and comes with a set of 999 gold coins that bear the faces of Tigger and his long-time friend Winnie the Pooh. A gift that will have the recipient saying, and if we could borrow a phrase from Tigger, “It’s great!”.

Winnie the pooh and piglet 999 pure gold pendant


Friends make the world a beautiful place. And what better way to symbolise that appreciation and acknowledgement of the unbreakable bonds than by presenting your dearest and closest. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are representative of such a relationship. We at SK Jewellery feel that we have perfectly encapsulated that with this carefully and meticulously moulded accessory. Made from our renowned 999 pure gold, this pendant is also detachable, so you can mix and match it to suit your fashion needs!

Meet mickey 999 pure gold pendant


 Let us reintroduce you to Mickey! A household name, Mickey is synonymous with fun, energy and adventure. This elegant piece is made from our celebrated 999 pure gold. At SK Jewellery, we understand the need to mix and match, so our pendant is also detachable so you can fashionably bring Mickey with you for all occasions!

Winnie the pooh set 999 pure gold charm bracelet


Adorn your wrist or the wrist of your loved ones this Chinese New Year with this simple yet stunning piece. The Winnie the Pooh Charm Bracelet is made from 999 Pure Gold and comes bearing the likeness of Winnie, bumblebee and a pot of Hunny that he adores so much! This is a gift as sweet as it is thoughtful. An undoubted hit for any fans of Winnie the Pooh!


Celebrate this Chinese New Year with our friends from Disney. We have added a decidedly fun and modern twist while keeping the gifts in line with the customs and traditions. So why not take the plunge and make this festive period one to remember with Tigger and friends!

With our comprehensive selection of products available, we are sure that you can find something to meet all your needs. Please book an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation today!

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