Colour 2021 With SK Jewellery’s Petit Hue Gemstones!

Putting a tough year behind, many of us are anticipating a brighter, more hopeful 2021 ahead. The New Year signifies new beginnings – whether it’s a new job, project, or even a new jewellery collection! If you’ve always been one to stick to the classic white or colourless gemstones, why not take it up a notch this year with some coloured gemstones instead?

Fill your 2021 with colour, for SK Jewellery’s Petit Hue Gemstones are here to add some vibrancy to your jewellery collection! Comprising of a wide variety of colours, the jewellery pieces in this online-exclusive collection have dainty designs that are suitable for stacking or you can flaunt solo!

Ready to colour your 2021? Take a look at our Petit Hue Gemstones below!

Petit Hue Xea Amethyst Gem Ring (White Gold), $99

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

Ring in the new year with a stylish precious stone ring! Dainty yet undeniably attention-grabbing, this vibrantly coloured purple gemstone is sure to add a pop of colour to any of your outfits. Gemstones have always been associated with good luck – let this Petit Hue Amethyst Gem Ring bring harmony and restore balance in life’s toughest moments. Plated on stunning 925 silver, this elegant ring comprises of a centrepiece amethyst gem in 0.19 carats, accompanied by six cubic zirconia stones.

Petit Hue Gwen Blue Topaz Gem Ring, $119

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

If you’re welcoming the new year with something a little exorbitant, be sure to look out for our Petit Hue Gwen Blue Topaz Gem Ring! For an exceptionally luxurious feel, this stunning rose gold ring plated on 925 silver is specially crafted with a unique design all around. With its centre resembling a crown, the blue topaz gem is the centrepiece of the ring, adding to its royal look. Complementing the 0.34 carat centre stone are four cubic zirconia stones. Pair this ring with a monochrome blue outfit for the perfect #OOTD!

Petit Hue Faye Citrine Gem Ring, $149

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

Yellow hues are a timeless classic that you can’t go wrong with. To give yourself a golden glow, don’t miss out on our Petit Hue Citrine Gem Ring! Exude radiance this year when you flaunt this 0.71 carat citrine gem on your finger. Accompanied by four cubic zirconia stones, this rose gold ring is plated on 925 silver and can be styled in numerous ways. Bold and dainty at the same time, this gem ring is fantastic for everyday luxury while helping you manifest prosperity and attract abundance in your life.

Petit Hue Corine Green Amethyst Gem Ring, $129

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

If you’re going for a classy glam look, don’t miss out on our Petit Hue Corine Green Amethyst Gem Ring. Step out in elegance this 2021 with this stunning green amethyst gem, weighing at 0.35 carats. Green Amethyst is also believed to bring calmness and positive energy into your day, while you get to capture the attention of everyone around with its striking green colour! Without a doubt, this rose gold ring is an incredibly versatile piece – perfect for both the fancy and minimalistic woman to flaunt.

Petit Hue Jen Rhodolite Gem Ring, $119

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

Add a burst of colour into your look effortlessly with the vibrant pink hue of our Petit Hue Jen Rhodolite Gem Ring! This eye-catching piece features a stunning 0.33 carat rhodolite gem, accompanied by four cubic zirconia stones. As a stone of love and emotional healing, rhodolite promotes self-worth and compassion for a path towards genuine happiness. The gem’s pretty pink hue is also perfect for popping out in style, while still being able to match a variety of outfits. Plated in rose gold on 925 silver, this gorgeous ring is sure to turn heads when you wave your hand.

Petit Hue Karisa Pink Topaz Gem Necklace, $169

Jewellery For Women, Necklace Singapore

Make a statement  in 2021 with our elegant Petit Hue Karisa Topaz Gem Necklace. This beautiful necklace features a stunning 1.14 carat pink topaz gem accompanied by two smoky quartzes with a total weight of 0.02 carats. These sophisticated gems are complemented with a rose gold pendant and dainty crown design, designed to make you feel like a queen. Topaz is also a stone of love, passion and protector of outer negative energies – wear it to attract good luck this year!

Colour Your Year

As you ring in the new year, try out something new with these colourful gemstones that will add a burst of vibrancy to your jewellery collection. These pretty stones make a statement while still remaining versatile for you to style your best looks.

At SK Jewellery, we proudly provide a wide selection of jewellery for women in Singapore with stunning designs. As a one-stop shop for quality jewellery, you can find everything from timeless wedding jewellery to the latest trendy designs, including our Star Carat lab grown diamonds for all your celebratory moments!

Get ready to introduce some colour to your 2021! Shop our exclusive Petit Hue Gemstones collection online or book an appointment to visit our showrooms and view our stunning jewellery in person!

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