Maximise Your Gold Wedding Jewellery For Everyday Wear

Gold jewellery has always been tied to tradition. They are seen as bridal pieces that double up as heirlooms to be passed down to later generations. They also allow Chinese families to carry out the time-honoured gift-giving practice for a blissful wedding.

Prized for its undeniable luxe and elegance, yellow gold jewellery is not only suitable for a celebratory occasion – you can also make a statement in your daily wear.

Find a new purpose for your traditional gold jewellery. We share how you can style various designs for your everyday outfits.

The diamonds

Classic diamonds and yellow gold make a timeless combination. Pair them with your favourite pair of jeans or a black work blazer for a touch of casual luxury. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a necklace, you can express your personality and let your individuality sparkle!

The different coloured metals

Gold jewellery today come in different shades – aside from yellow gold, there is also white gold and rose gold. The latest trend now is to stack different shades of gold next to each other, allowing you to express your creativity and create a fashion-forward look.

With white and yellow gold pieces, you get to mix warm and cool tones for a contrasting yet balanced look. Focus on one area you wish to highlight – whether it’s your wrists, ears or neckline – and add in a piece or two of a different colour to style it up.

The bold and show-stopping

Imagine walking into a room and flaunting your chunky gold necklace and bangle. For the purpose of making an entrance, there’s no better way to draw immediate attention than with a statement piece that is elaborately designed. Display it proudly, front and center with your off-duty outfits like a simple black dress or neutral silk shirt.

The minimalist

Bridal Jewellery, Si Dian Jin

On the opposite spectrum, we have those who prefer a sense of quiet confidence with low-key designs. Dainty gold jewellery is the perfect choice for daily wear. They are also highly versatile, allowing for an effortless and smoother transition from the office to a night out for maximum style.

Wear your Si Dian Jin even after the big day

The gifting of the dowry set is a tradition that symbolises love, sincerity and unity – both a blessing and a welcome gift to the bride by the groom’s family. Traditional motifs are crafted onto the jewellery, and they carry different meanings to convey the utmost blessings. For instance, the Dragon-Phoenix 龙凤 bangle symbolises a perfect match.

However, today’s interpretation of Si Dian Jin allows for more contemporary and practical styles that appeal to modern, fashion-forward women. This means brides can enjoy wearing them on a daily basis even after their wedding day, instead of letting them tucked away in the safe never to be seen again.

And because the Si Dian Jin is rich with meaning and symbolism of their marital union, brides can proudly cherish and flaunt them in their day-to-day outfits.

At SK Jewellery, our Si Dian Jin bridal jewellery is made from the purest gold 99% and crafted with meaningful motifs to help you celebrate revered wedding traditions. Visit our showrooms to pick out the perfect design for your special day. If you’re looking for a stunning diamond ring, check out our Star Carat lab grown diamonds collection.

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