Men & Women Wedding Bands: 3 Differences You Must Know

Wedding bands are symbols of everlasting love and commitment. While they serve the same purpose for both men and women, the styles, designs, and considerations differ. 

Here’s a closer look at the three distinct characteristics of men’s and women’s wedding bands.

1. Width & Thickness

The most obvious difference is probably the size of the wedding band.

Men’s wedding bands tend to be broader and thicker than women’s. This is often due to the larger size of most men’s fingers. The standard width for men’s rings usually ranges between 6mm to 8mm.

As for women’s wedding bands, they are generally more delicate and narrower, ranging from 2mm to 4mm in width. This complements the usually more intricate designs found on women’s rings. 

Not sure how to measure your wedding band size? Refer to SK Jewellery’s Ring Size Guide to find the correct fit for yourself and your beloved. We also provide complimentary* resizing for engagement rings and wedding bands, subject to their style and design.

2. Design & Detailing

Besides the size difference, the design of men’s and women’s wedding bands vary as well.

Men’s bands are traditionally more straightforward and crafted in a simple, unembellished design such as the Starlit Shore Wedding Band. For those who prefer a pop of colour, opt for the Momento Love Swirl Rose Gold Wedding Band. Wedding rings with subtle textures like the SK 916 Oberon Gold Ring, or even mixtures of metal colours like the True Love Evermore Wedding Band are also getting popular amongst grooms. Some men may also choose to complement their wedding band with their engagement ring for a stylish stack. 

Meanwhile, women’s wedding rings typically feature unique designs, such as the tiled Love That Lasts Diamond Wedding Band, crossed Momento Infinite Love Spark Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band, and duotone Jill-Rene Unity Dainty Duotone Wedding Band. Pair your wedding ring with matrimonial gifts like your Si Dian Jin set or everyday jewellery such as diamond earrings or diamond bracelets

3. Gemstones

Although less common than in women’s bands, men’s wedding rings sometimes feature diamonds or other gemstones in a solitary stone like the Devotion Enfold Wedding Band and Valoran Classic Diamond Ring.

Women’s bands, especially those designed to accompany engagement rings, often come with intricate designs featuring embedded diamonds, such as the Stardust Eternity Diamond Ring and Timeless Sparkle Eternity Diamond Ring.

Say “I Do” With SK Jewellery

Ultimately, the best wedding band is one that feels comfortable and aligns with the wearer’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. After all, this is a piece of jewellery that most people intend to wear for a lifetime. Whatever your choice, make sure your wedding ring reflects you and your unique love story.

Book an appointment with SK Jewellery to find out more about men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding rings. We offer them in various materials, including natural mined and eco-friendlylab grown diamonds. Or, pop by any of our SK Jewellery Showrooms in Singapore for assistance.

*Complimentary ring resizing is applicable only up to 3 ring sizes for selected designs.

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