Stunning Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples In Singapore

Finding the perfect wedding gift in Singapore can be a daunting task, whether you’re a groom looking to present your bride with something unforgettable on the day you both say “I do”, a bridesmaid wanting to give the newlyweds a token of your affection, or a guest hoping to offer more than just an envelope of cash.

If you’re the groom…

For grooms, choosing a gift for the bride might seem especially challenging. After all, this present will commemorate the day you both embark on life’s most beautiful journey together. Here are two wedding gift ideas:

Wedding Gift #1. Si Dian Jin

Si Dian Jin is a Chinese wedding ensemble with a symbolic meaning behind it—a sign of husband’s commitment to provide for his newly wedded wife and a treasured item that the bride can pass down to their descendants. Together, a gold ringnecklace as well as a pair of bangles and earrings are known as the “Four Touches of Gold” that are given during the Guo Da Li ceremony.

As many modern brides now choose to wear their Si Dian Jin pieces out daily, why not buy Si Dian Jin jewellery matching your wife-to-be’s outfits? Intricately crafted in the image of lace and lovely waves of tulle, SK Jewellery’s Cherish collection focuses on modern statement pieces that are perfect as wedding gifts from the groom to the bride. 

Get a set or mix and match from the different rose, marigold, and leaf motifs, including the Leaf Bouquet Cherish 999 Pure Gold Ring; Marigold Cherish 999 Pure Gold Earrings; Rose Wreath Cherish 999 Pure Gold Necklace, and Tulle Weave Cherish 999 Pure Gold Bracelet. Whether it’s an intricately designed ring or a stunning necklace, each piece in the collection can also stand alone as a lovely addition to the bride’s wedding attire.

On a budget? Check out our affordable Si Dian Jin for every bride

Wedding Gift #2. Si Dian Zhuan

Does your wife-to-be prefer diamonds to gold instead? Consider Si Dian Zhuan, the modern alternative to Si Dian Jin, which is made of diamonds. After all, diamonds are forever, and what better way to start your forever together than by gifting her something that will last a lifetime?

If you’ve already chosen a diamond engagement ring, gifting Si Dian Zuan can also be a wonderful way to complete the set. It creates a cohesive look that she can flaunt on special occasions, including future anniversaries. The ensemble can be worn on numerous occasions such as casual outings and formal events, making them highly versatile.

On the hunt for affordable lab grown diamonds? Explore SK Jewellery’s Star Carat Diamond collection and AllStar Diamond collection that come at wallet-friendly prices. 

If you’re the bride…

Thinking of getting a surprise gold gift for him? You’re not alone! Many brides love to commemorate the special day with a present that speaks volumes about their love and the life they’re about to begin together.

Here are two heartfelt gift ideas for your groom:

Wedding Gift #1. Bracelet

A tasteful bracelet can be a fashionable and meaningful gift. To make this wedding present even more unique, you can personalise it in various ways:

  • Wedding date engraving: Immortalise your wedding date on the bracelet. He’ll be reminded of your special day every time he glances at it.
  • Initials: A more subtle yet equally sentimental option is to engrave both of your initials on the bracelet, intertwining your identities in a piece of jewellery.
  • Custom charms: These could be anything from charms etched with meaningful dates or symbols representing shared experiences or hobbies. 

Wedding Gift #2. Gold Collectible

Another timeless gift option to consider is a gold collectable, such as gold bars, gold coins, or gold figurines. Unlike jewellery, which is primarily for adornment, a collectable is an investment and a keepsake. Similarly, you can personalise your gold collectable with our Gold Bar Customiser.

If you’re a guest…

Guests, on the other hand, might want to focus on the couple’s new life together. If you’re looking for something other than cash gifts or vouchers, check out these two wedding gift ideas for guests instead.

Wedding Gift #1. Personalised Jewellery

If you’re a close friend of the couple, your goal might be to find something that holds emotional significance. 

Think of personalised keepsakes such as a charm bracelet with each charm representing a unique memory, a necklace engraved with a special date, or a locket with a cherished photograph inside. By curating your own story, the piece becomes infinitely more meaningful.

Wedding Gift #2. Coordinated Jewellery Set

A coordinated jewellery set for the couple can also be a sentimental choice. Both the bride and groom get to wear the jewellery, beautifully underlining their new life chapter as a united pair. This could be a matching pair of his-and-hers bracelets or necklaces.

When selecting a matching jewellery set, pay attention to the material and design. Choose a metal that both the bride and groom prefer, whether that’s 999 gold or 916 gold. The design should also resonate with the couple’s personal aesthetic. Some sets feature intricate patterns or textures, while others are sleek and minimalistic.

Still need more ideas? Check out our gifts under $200, under $500, and under $1,000 for more inspiration.

Choose The Perfect Wedding Gift In Singapore At SK Jewellery

Regardless of your wedding present size or cost, it’s the thought, emotion, and love behind your gift that truly counts—a testament to your love, regard, and best wishes. 

Explore SK Jewellery’s collection of gems, where each piece is crafted with meaningful motifs in modern and traditional designs to convey well wishes and blessings.

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