Push Present Gift Ideas to Commemorate Your Bundle of Joy

While flowers and gift baskets are traditionally used to say congratulations to a new mom, a push present has become today’s way of commemorating the milestone of having a new bundle of joy.

This gift is given to a new mother by her spouse as a way of thanking her for going through pregnancy and ‘pushing’ their child into the world. It’s not only a token of appreciation, but it also marks the joyous occasion of having a new family member. Push presents can be any thoughtful gift, but jewellery is certainly a popular choice which can be treasured for a lifetime.

Star Carat Diamond

Not to be mistaken for diamond simulants, lab grown diamonds are anything but fake. In fact, they are identical to mined diamonds in every way – right down to the chemical, physical and optical properties. Made from carbon seeds, they are grown in labs under a controlled environment that mimics the Earth’s diamond-forming process.

This also means that their production is more eco-friendly towards the environment as compared to mining, with a trackable source for better sustainability. Plus, lab grown diamonds are judged by the same strict standards with the 4Cs to assure quality.

At SK Jewellery, we present our Star Carat Diamond collection which are IGI-certified and categorised as Type IIA purity rating. You can enjoy more affordable diamond options with sparkling designs that are durable and long-lasting, perfect for timeless gifts like push presents. Take a look below at some of our present idea picks!

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings come in a variety of styles and are a staple in any woman’s jewellery box. The more popular option is usually a pair of round cut diamond studs but if your partner has an eye for fashion or glamour, then opt for fancy shaped diamond cuts and designs to let her stand out from the crowd.

Star Carat Classic Hoop Halo Diamond Earrings

Star Carat Classic Hoop Halo Diamond Earrings

Pull out all the stops with this pair of stunning lab grown diamond hoop earrings. Crafted in 18K White Gold and set in a halo setting, she will certainly fall in love with this sweet sparkly gift.

Diamond Pendant

Pendant necklaces are simple, chic and easy to wear. They can also be worn with other similarly styled necklaces like initial pendants, which allow you to customise the mother and child’s initials – making it a personalised and meaningful keepsake.

Star Carat Fairy Blue Diamond Pendant

Star Carat Fairy Blue Diamond Pendant

Commemorate this very exciting occasion with an eye-catching pendant in lab grown blue diamond. Featuring a glimmering halo setting in 18K White Gold, it’s a classic piece of jewellery she can cherish for many years to come.

Diamond Ring

Who says diamond rings are only reserved for proposals? They are not only a significant gift to express your heartfelt appreciation, but they can also represent important milestones like wedding anniversaries and the birth of your child. And the great thing is, diamonds are extremely durable and long-lasting so she can proudly wear one and cherish this memorable moment for a long time.

Star Carat Fancy Heart Diamond Ring

Star Carat Fairy Blue Diamond Pendant

The mother of your child deserves the best, and this solitaire ring certainly fits the bill. With lab grown diamonds paved in 18K White Gold, the heart-shaped setting perfectly encapsulates the love you have for her and your growing family.


The experience of welcoming your newborn is truly an unforgettable moment in any proud parent’s life, so jewellery makes for a timeless gift when it comes to push presents. At SK Jewellery, we help to celebrate your life’s significant moments with contemporary jewellery for all occasions.

Book an appointment to visit our showrooms or shop for diamonds online for a sentimental, sparkly gift to mark the significant milestone of having a baby!

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