Tips To Keep Your Proposal A Secret For A Special Surprise

From having to find out her ring size to figuring out her favourite ring design, keeping your proposal plans under wraps takes a whole new level of discreetness. Especially if you’re getting your family and friends involved in the planning and preparation, you’ll need to make the extra effort to ensure that everything stays hush-hush.

Whether you’ve talked about marriage before or you have been with each other for a long time, there is always room to plan for a surprise proposal so you can sweep your partner off her feet. To make sure she doesn’t see it coming, use our tips below to keep your proposal a secret until the day arrives!

Ask for help from people you trust

With such exciting news on the way, you may feel the urge to share the joys of your proposal plans with all your loved ones. However, the more people who know about it, the more likely that someone will accidentally slip it to your partner. If you don’t wish to keep the excitement all to yourself, make sure it’s a small trusted circle of people.

Need proposal ring buying advice from her best friend or her sister’s help for the ring size? Consider if they can be trusted to keep their lips sealed until the proposal. If you can’t think of anyone who you’d trust in your plans, you may be better off making the arrangements on your own.

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Schedule appointments on weekdays

Consider taking a few hours off work to settle the important tasks, like going ring shopping or meeting up with her father to ask for his blessings. This will save you the hassle of making up an excuse to explain where you have been – and she won’t be suspicious thinking you are up to something.

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Cover up with another special occasion 

If you and your partner don’t usually visit fancy venues on your dates, a sudden reservation to a fine dining restaurant may raise some suspicions. However, you can always pick the right date to cover it up with a special occasion!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or her birthday, take this opportunity to dine at the LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar! Enjoy hearty Italian-American cuisine while admiring a spectacular view of the city’s skyline from the rooftop – the outdoor terrace also offers the perfect romantic backdrop for you to pop the big question.

 Be discreet about the ring

Your partner may have dropped some clues in the past about her ring preferences, but this definitely isn’t the time to bring it up. Asking questions about the ring now can make her connect the dots and figure out what you’re planning to do.

Instead, enlist the help of her best friend for a second opinion. You can also try to pocket a ring that she doesn’t regularly wear to get her size. Don’t forget to be extra discreet when making the purchase! This can mean using a new credit card to pay for it or picking it up in-store instead of home delivery if you are living together.

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Consider the details

Besides the ring purchase, don’t forget to consider the nitty-gritty details of your big day. This includes the time, location, and how many people you’re inviting to witness this significant milestone in your relationship.

If you prefer for your proposal to be more lowkey, consider opting for a more private location where you can appreciate this special moment just between the two of you. How about a romantic weekend staycation for two at Lloyd’s Inn? Located just a 5-minute walk away from Orchard Road, this boutique hotel comprises stylish, urban rooms to provide a tranquil yet intimate environment for your proposal.


A surprise proposal may require extra creativity and effort from you – but it’ll all be worth it when it sweeps your partner off her feet. At SK Jewellery, we are here to help you celebrate your momentous occasions with our collection of engagement rings and wedding bands in Singapore, all at an affordable price!

Looking to put a diamond ring on her finger? Our Star Carat Collection offers IGI-certified Type IIA lab grown diamonds, categorised as the top 2% in diamond quality worldwide – so you can purchase an affordable engagement ring without compromising on quality.

Shop for our rings online or book an appointment to view them at our physical showrooms and let our friendly consultants assist you!

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