5 Red & White Jewellery To Wear This National Day 2023

As National Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to celebrate in style with red and white jewellery. 

Red and white are more than just colours on the Singapore flag; they hold deep symbolism and significance. Incorporating these colours into your ensemble is a powerful expression of pride for our country as both colours are inspired by the ideals of the nation’s founding fathers and reflect the values Singapore aspires to uphold. 

At SK Jewellery, we understand the significance of this special occasion and have curated a collection that beautifully combines these colours, allowing you to embrace the spirit of Singapore. Let’s explore five stunning pieces that will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble this National Day 2023.

Ignite Your Passion For The Nation With Red Jewellery

Red, a vibrant and powerful colour, symbolises the universal ideals of brotherhood and equality among all individuals. It is a hue that evokes strong emotions and carries a profound significance in Singapore’s rich cultural heritage.

1. Red Agate Pearl Bracelet

Enhance your wrist with a touch of sophistication with our Red Agate Pearl Bracelet. This classic design features a single red agate bead framed with gold, complemented by lustrous freshwater pearls. Its timeless appeal and refined craftsmanship make it a perfect choice for any occasion, including National Day in Singapore!

2. SK 916 Candy Love Locket Gold Pendant

Or, express your affection for the nation with our intricately designed SK 916 Candy Love Locket Gold Pendant. This heart-shaped locket, adorned in red and gold, symbolises everlasting love. What better way to show your love for Singapore than with jewellery in the shape of a heart during our country’s 58th birthday?

3. Red Coloured Heart Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

Add a charming twist to your jewellery collection with our Red Coloured Heart Rose Gold Charm Bracelet. The bracelet is made with 18K rose gold and features an enamel centre, showcasing a delightful “Love” design at the back. It’s an accessory that will brighten up your day and effortlessly elevate your National Day outfit.

Wear White As A Timeless Tribute to Singapore

Meanwhile, white symbolises the enduring presence of purity and virtue. Celebrate these values with our exquisite white jewellery collection.

1. Twinkling Star and Moon 14K White Gold Earrings

Embrace the spirit of Singapore with our stylish Twinkling Star and Moon 14K White Gold Earrings, reminiscent of the iconic Singapore flag. These exquisite earrings feature small and dainty stars delicately cradled by the graceful curve of the moon. Crafted in elegant white gold, they exude a timeless and classy allure. 

2. 14K White Gold Full Heart Earrings

Alternatively, let your jewellery become a symbol of your unwavering love and appreciation for the nation with the 14K White Gold Full Heart Earrings, a true testament to your heartfelt patriotism.

When it comes to expressing your love for Singapore, what better way than through a heart-shaped piece of jewellery? These minimalistic 14K white gold earrings make a striking statement, enhancing your personal style and adding sophistication to your jewellery collection.

Show Your Love For The Nation With SK Jewellery

Love for our country knows no boundaries and comes in endless forms, just like the unique selection in our vast collection. Celebrate Singapore’s vibrant spirit with red and white jewellery from SK Jewellery this National Day 2023. There are endless ways to incorporate these iconic national colours into your jewellery collection, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings

Need more inspiration? Check out our 57th National Day jewellery guide. We specialise in gifts for all occasions, including Father’s Day and exclusive CNY jewellery. Browse online or visit any of our stores across the island to choose a piece that resonates with you today!

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