Celebrating Traditions

An epitome of immaculate craftsmanship, the collection features opulent designs that go beyond traditionally loved motifs engraved on Chinese Gold Bridal Jewellery.

Double Happiness

Heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of bliss are elegantly encapsulated in the SK 999 Pure Gold Bridal Jewellery. Things that come in pairs are thought to be auspicious, while the "99" represents eternal bliss.

Si Dian Jin

Each meaningful creation celebrates the eternal love between the newly wedded couple and the heartfelt blessings between the parents and the beautiful brides.

From a pair of bangles to a set of four gold pieces, find your eternal bliss with SK Jewellery 999 Pure Gold Bridal Collection.

Happiness in Bloom

Celebrating the joyous matrimony of man and wife, the intricate piece features flowers in bloom around the characters 'Double Happiness'. This signifies bountiful happiness throughout the marriage for the lovely couple.

Harmonious Bond

The pairing of the magnificent phoenix and Mudan - the Queen of Flowers, exquisitely carved in 999 Pure Gold symbolises wishes for nobility and grace for the virtuous bride.


Immaculately crafted by a team of highly skilled master craftsman, each 999 Pure Gold piece is meticulously crafted with flawless precision.

The mesmerizing result is an outstanding creation of artisanal perfection and state-of-the-art techniques.

The magnificent 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin architecture is
testament to the unsurpassed skills of the jeweller’s
designers and craftsmen, and reinforces SK Jewellery’s status
as the leading 999 Pure Gold jeweller in Singapore.

Our craftsmen had to exercise patience and relentless precision to ensure that the large flat surface areas of the walls are perfectly straight, and the House is structurally sound to hold its own weight without warping.

Elaborate carvings can be seen on each side of the door, through the use of a combination of matte and shiny gold. The courtyard dwellings was built to resemble the four limbs of a tiger with the entrance symbolising the tiger’s mouth.

The Si Dian Jin House does not have any windows, as the Chinese believe openings on the walls mean that wealth will flow out of the house.

The beautiful gabled roofs at
four corners of the house, resemble the
Chinese character for gold (金), hence
the name Si Dian Jin house.

The concept of Si Dian Jin is pivotal in the
Teochew culture that it is also very much present
in Teochew wedding customs.

The groom’s mother’s gift of Si Dian Jin to her
new daughter-in-law represents her well-wishes of
a blissful marriage and that the new family member
would always be blessed with abundance.

A gift of 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin celebrates the eternal love between the newly wedded couple and the heartfelt blessings between parents and the bride.

999 Pure Gold 双囍 bangles represent blessings of a lifetime of happiness and marital bliss.