Not Ready To Tie The Knot? Get A Promise Ring Instead!


Popping the big question to your partner is something that may take years of consideration and preparation. While you may not be ready to get down on one knee with an engagement ring yet, there are numerous other ways to express your love and dedication to your special someone. Whether you call them promise rings, commitment rings, purity rings, or pre-engagement rings, they all represent the same thing – love and commitment you have towards your partner.

But what exactly is a promise ring? Do you really need to get one? How much should you spend on it? Keep reading to find out all the answers regarding promise rings so that you can confidently make your purchase!

What is a promise ring?

As its name suggests, a promise ring is exchanged when a couple promises themselves to each other. It is not the same as an engagement ring which signifies that a wedding is in the works. Still, a promise ring indicates that you are dedicated to your partner, and provides assurance that you are in this relationship for the long haul.

The specific, personal meaning can differ from couple to couple. Some who choose not to marry may also wear promise rings to convey a lifetime of love and devotion. Whether it’s to signify a future engagement or gifted as a mark of faithfulness to one another, a promise ring is a symbol of love.

Which finger should a promise ring be on?

While an engagement ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, a promise ring can be worn on whichever finger you’d like! For extra significance, some couples wear their promise rings on the same finger – but that is completely up to personal preference!

How much should I spend on a promise ring?

An engagement ring typically costs more than a promise ring, due to its larger centre diamond and more intricate details. For promise rings, there are no hard rules on how much you should spend on one. Some couples on a budget might opt for a simple, minimalistic ring, while others may go with something fancy and sparkly.

You’re free to spend as much as you’re comfortable with – at the end of the day, you’d want a beautiful ring that she would love and appreciate its meaning for.

Our Promise Ring Picks:

At SK Jewellery, we carry a variety of promise rings in different designs to help you show your commitment to the relationship. Whether you’re looking for something timeless or a little more sparkle, we’ve got you covered – take a look at some of our favourites below!

Star Carat Constellation Blue Diamond Ring

Jewellery For Women, Engagement Ring Singapore

For a dash of colour that celebrates the vibrancy of your relationship, you can’t go wrong with our Star Carat Constellation Blue Diamond Ring! Set in 18K white gold, this eye-catching ring features a stunning lab grown blue diamond seated in a glimmering row of small paved diamonds.

Star Carat Classic Trilogy Diamond Ring

Jewellery For Women, Engagement Ring Singapore

Let this elegant 18K white gold ring beautifully symbolise your commitment towards your special someone. With a trio of gorgeous lab grown diamonds taking the centre spot, this classic ring is a timeless piece to show your heart belongs to her.

Star Carat Twinkle Diamond Ring

Jewellery For Women, Engagement Ring Singapore

Perfect for a more minimalist look, our Star Carat Twinkle Diamond Ring features a gorgeous lab grown diamond set in a resplendent micro-prong shank 18K white gold ring. With an unrivalled sparkle, this classic diamond ring will reflect how much you value your relationship.


A promise ring is a great way to display your relationship status and pledge your love. Look no further than SK Jewellery for an extensive range of affordable jewellery for women in Singapore, where we offer promise rings as well as engagement rings and wedding bands to celebrate all stages of your relationship.

As a one-stop shop for quality jewellery, you can also find exquisite lab grown diamond rings from our Star Carat collection that’s perfect for all your special milestones and celebratory moments. Shop our collection online or book an appointment to visit our showrooms and shop for your promise ring in person!