Usher In The Lunar New Year With These Ox-Picious Pieces!

Apart from being one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese culture, Chinese New Year is also a season of giving. From red packets to oranges and tea, many items are exchanged between both old and young during the new year festivities. But besides these traditional gifts, you can consider adding a personal touch when giving gifts to those close to you, such as with a piece of jewellery that fits their style.

Here at SK Jewellery, we offer a wide selection of pieces that range from traditional to modern, so there’s something for everyone! Take a look at our Chinese New Year Gift Guide below and usher in the lunar new year with some of our ox-picious pieces!

Fortune Blessing 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Pair your CNY outfit with this 999 Pure Gold pendant, which comes with a complimentary 10K gold chain! Beautifully designed with the Chinese characters 百福, it represents an abundance of good fortune and blessings for the year ahead.

Opulent Ox Fortune Bundle

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Made with 999 Pure Gold, there’s no better way to usher in the Year of the Ox than with our Opulent Ox Fortune Bundle! Signifying wealth and good luck, gifting this ox-picious bundle is sure to bring in the moo-lah this new year!

4-in-1 Blessings 999 Pure Gold Bundle

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

If one angpow isn’t enough, usher abundant blessings into the Year of the Ox with this four-angpow bundle! Each auspicious angpow contains a 999 Pure Gold coin engraved with the Chinese characters 如意, 吉祥, 富贵 and 平安 – meaning wishful, auspicious, wealth, and peace respectively. Along with this gold bundle, receive a free 2-in-1 ox compact pillow with your purchase.

Prosperity 999 Pure Gold Bundle

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with the classic red and gold as our Prosperity 999 Pure Gold Bundle combines our favourite pieces to ring in a year of prosperity. Consisting of a pineapple figurine and two 999 Pure Gold angpows, this bundle makes it your year to get lucky.

Fortune Cat 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Charm

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Perfect for any cat-lover, this Fortune Cat charm is a must-have for those looking to increase the flow of fortune and prosperity in their favour. It comes with a complimentary bracelet, so you can wear it out for good luck anytime!

SK 916 Abacus Wealth Gold Pendant

Exude an effortless radiance and glimmer in gold with this Abacus Wealth Gold Pendant from our SK 916 Gold Collection. This versatile abacus pendant has a traditional touch while still remaining dainty, so you’ll never run out of ways to style it! Pair it with a gold chain for everyday luxury and shine.

Jenner Pearl Pendant

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Jewellery always make great gifts, and this includes our Jenner Pearl Pendant! This sophisticated piece is created with an elegant design, consisting of a stunning precious pearl made with 10K white gold and four glistening diamonds. It comes with a complimentary 10K white gold chain and can be worn from day to night.

Star Carat Starlett Heart Pendant

Jewellery For Women, Diamond Ring

Express your love to a special someone this new year with our Star Carat Starlett Heart Pendant. This glimmering diamond pendant is paved with shining lab grown diamonds in the shape of a heart. Consisting of 18 diamonds with a total of 0.24 carat weight, this pendant comes with a free pair of ear studs for a sparkly CNY celebration.


This lunar new year, add a little sparkle into your celebration with exquisite gold gifts and stunning jewellery pieces. At SK Jewellery, we offer an extensive selection of jewellery for women in Singapore as well as gold bars and coins to celebrate all your joyous occasions.

As your one-stop shop for affordable and high-quality jewellery, we also offer lab grown diamond rings in our Star Carat collection – perfect for all the special moments you wish to capture. Discover our new arrivals and online exclusives through our E-shop and find the perfect piece for every occasion!

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