The Perfect Ring Size Guide to Determine Your Ring Size!

A lot goes into finding the right ring to propose to your significant other. It’s not just the type of diamond setting or band material you have to think about, but also ensuring that you get the ring size right. After all – it may be all for nought if the ring doesn’t fit her properly.

What makes this process challenging is trying to get your partner’s ring size without spoiling the proposal surprise. On top of that, you may have come across different ring size charts used in different stores and countries, which also add to the confusion.

To make this process a little easier, we have just the guide for you so you can find the perfect ring size when shopping for the engagement ring!

1. Use a strip of paper

The good news is, you don’t need anything fancy to start measuring the ring size. Take a piece of paper and cut it into a thin strip that is at least 10cm long and 0.5cm wide. You can also do this with a piece of string!

Wrap it around the thickest part of the finger and mark the point where the end meets using a pen or marker. Place the paper or string on the ruler and take down the measurement in millimetre (mm).

If you find that the circumference is in between sizes, pick the larger size. All SK Jewellery ring sizes are based on Hong Kong standard sizing.

2. Measure a current ring

If your partner already has an existing collection of rings, then you’re in luck! You can skip the finger measurement process and simply choose one of her rings to determine the size. Pick a ring that fits her well – but if you’re planning for a surprise proposal, choose a ring that she won’t notice it’s gone for the moment.

Place the ring on a piece of paper and outline the inner circumference of the ring. Match the inside diameter you’ve measured with the ring size chart. Another method is to place the ring directly on the size guide so you can match the corresponding diameter and size number of the ring.

3. Refer to an international ring size chart

During your ring shopping journey, you might realise that different countries use different measuring systems. This means at times, you might not find the ring size you’re familiar with.

For instance, a range of 5 to 30 can be commonly seen on a ring size chart in Singapore, but some international online retailers list their ring sizes from 46 to 69! Certain countries like the UK and Australia even use alphabets instead of numbers – which makes it all the more confusing.

Before you get too caught up with that, the most important part of the ring measurement is getting the circumference right. Then, you can easily use an international ring size guide, which you can find online, for conversion!

This will be the circumference of the ideal ring size, where you can match the measurement to the corresponding ring size number in our chart!

4. Ring sizing tips and tricks

There are a few things you can take note of to help you ensure you’re getting the right ring size! Cold and warm temperatures can cause the finger to shrink or swell, so it’s best to measure the finger at normal room temperature. It’s also good to do it towards evening time, since this is when the finger tends to be the largest.

There can be slight variations in size between a dominant and non-dominant hand, so make sure you are measuring the finger on the correct hand! The ring style is also something to be considered – for example, wider bands may have a tighter fitting. This means taking note of the sizing difference for standard fit and comfort fit rings as well.

Of course, taking multiple measurements will leave you more confident and assured! Do it 3 to 4 times if you really want to be sure of the correct measurement.

How can you tell if the ring fits perfectly? It shouldn’t be loose enough to fall off, but it should also provide some room to fit over your knuckle easily and allow for natural changes in finger size that can happen throughout the day.

5. Conclusion

Now that you’ve gotten the ring size down, you can start browsing the wide range of ring designs that your partner will say yes to! For the ultimate sparkle that won’t break the bank, explore our Star Carat collection for lab diamond rings that will take her breath away.

To make things a little easier, you can easily request for our free ring sizer here! Simply key in your details and we’ll send it right to you! Our jewellery consultants are also happy to help if you need assistance in getting the dream engagement ring to pop the question – or if it gets too tricky for you to figure out the ring size. Plus, we also have a 60-day complimentary* resizing policy for selected ring designs. *Terms and conditions apply.

Book an appointment at any of our SK Jewellery showrooms to find out more and get the perfect ring for her!

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