Top 10 Best Budget Engagement Rings In Singapore

Finding the perfect engagement ring in Singapore doesn’t necessarily mean forking out the most cash. 

For those about to embark on the next chapter of their love story, we’ve curated a list of ten stunning engagement rings with exquisite designs that capture the essence of love and commitment at an affordable price point. 

Let these gems prove that elegance, charm, and meaningful sentiment can come at a budget. Check out these ten engagement rings under $1,000 from SK Jewellery in Singapore. 

1. Circle Of Circles 14k White Gold Loca Ring ($79)

Elegance finds its true meaning in simplicity, and the Circle Of Circles 14k White Gold Loca Ring beautifully captures this essence. 

Crafted meticulously from 14K white gold, its design boasts a mesmerising circle made up of multiple smaller circles. Each individual shape flaunts a faceted cut, ensuring that every angle catches and refracts light in a way that makes it dance and shimmer on the wearer’s finger.

What’s even more delightful is this budget engagement ring‘s ability to stack seamlessly with other pieces due to its neutral white gold hue that complements every outfit.

2. Simply Glossy 999 Pure Gold Halo Ring ($179)

The very essence of refined opulence finds expression in the Simply Glossy 999 Pure Gold Halo Ring

Gold, in its purest form, offers an unmatched lustre. And this gem, with its flawless finish, captures that lustrous allure perfectly. From casual brunches to formal dinners, this budget engagement ring’s versatility complements every outfit, mood, and occasion. 

3. Marigold Young Love 999 Pure Gold Ring ($299)

Prefer a budget engagement ring that’s more playful? Elegance meets timeless romance in the Marigold Young Love 999 Pure Gold Ring from SK Jewellery. With every glint and shimmer, it echoes the promises of love that’s as pure as the gold it’s made of.

4. Starry Night Sky Rose Gold Diamond Ring ($399)

Gaze into the night sky and what do you see? A vast canvas painted with gleaming stars, each one telling a tale of time and beauty. The Starry Night Sky Rose Gold Diamond Ring captures this ethereal charm, allowing you to carry a piece of the cosmos wherever you go. 

5. Starlett Starline Diamond Ring ($439)

Crafted in 10K white gold, the Starlett Starline Diamond Ring showcases an impeccable balance between classic design and modern craftsmanship. Its seamless white gold hue provides a serene backdrop, ensuring each diamond’s brilliance stands out.

6. Starlett Starshine Diamond Ring ($499)

Journey into a realm where sophistication meets sparkle, with the Starlett Starshine Diamond Ring a testament to this beautiful union. One of the defining features of this budget engagement ring is its bar setting, which allows more light to interact with the diamonds. Check out our article for more ring-setting inspiration!

7. Rosea Classic Diamond Ring($499)

The Rosea Classic Diamond Ring stands out as a poignant reminder of the beauty inherent in nature. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of flowers, the centre stage of this exquisite piece is occupied by four lab grown diamonds meticulously arranged in a captivating floral formation. The Rosea Classic Diamond Ring is truly a gem that never goes out of style!

8. Rosea Milgrain Diamond Ring($569)

Similarly, at the heart of the Rosea Milgrain Diamond Ring lies a mesmerising quartet of lab grown diamonds, gracefully arranged to mirror the intricate beauty of a flower in full bloom. Their collective brilliance, meticulously arranged, reflects light in a play of shimmer that’s both subtle and striking. 

But what truly sets this budget engagement ring apart is its dotted milgrain band — an ode to the time-honoured jewellery design technique. The milgrain detailing, reminiscent of delicate beadwork, adds a textured dimension, providing a vintage charm that’s rare and revered.

9. Blossom Sparkle Ring ($599)

Crafted from pristine 18K white gold, the Blossom Sparkle Ring radiates an ethereal glow synonymous with sophistication. The white gold serves as an immaculate canvas, allowing the lab grown diamonds to truly shine. The blend of the engagement ring’s simplistic yet sophisticated design makes it highly versatile – a perfect match for every occasion and outfit.

10. 0.27-carat Radiant Devotion White Gold Diamond Ring ($999)

Last but not least, celebrate your unwavering love and commitment with the 0.27 carat Radiant Devotion White Gold Diamond Ring. This exquisite budget engagement ring, curated especially for the true romantics at heart, is a testament to enduring affection and promises. 

At its core, a brilliantly luminous 0.27ct lab grown diamond takes centre stage. This gem is delicately held by an intricate twirling 4-prong bypass, evoking a sense of movement and eternal flow.

Crafted from premium 14K white gold, its solitaire design ensures the diamond’s radiance shines unopposed, casting a mesmerising sparkle with every catch of light.

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