From Runway to Real Life: Incorporate Iconic Jewellery Trends In Your Style

Runway fashion has always been a spectacle of grandeur, a parade of bold ideas, and, most significantly, a forecast of trends that would dominate the year. 

Amidst the whirlwind of fabrics and colours lies the nuanced beauty of jewellery – pieces that often steal the spotlight or subtly complete a look. 

But how does one transition these iconic runway jewellery trends into everyday wear? Let’s discover how to make these trends your own in 2023.

Runway Jewellery Trend #1. The art of statement earrings

Designers have long used statement earrings to capture the audience’s attention. These jewellery pieces are often oversized or cascading, epitomising opulence on the runway. Perfect symmetry is also a thing of the past. Modern runways usually showcase models sporting mismatched earrings, adding intrigue to the look.

While the runway versions are often grand, you can opt for shorter, less ornate designs for everyday wear. Consider the Enchanted Floral Rose 999 Gold Earrings (如意玫瑰耳环), which can double up as part of your contemporary Si Dian Jin jewellery collection. Wear your hair in a bun or a sleek ponytail to let them shine – truly the perfect accessory for both a day at the office or a night out. Far from being traditional, Si Dian Jin jewellery is being reinvented. Explore the new Cherish collection, featuring intricate designs and shimmering pieces that make them a favourite amongst brides.

Wish to go for asymmetrical earrings instead? The beauty of this trend is its adaptability. You can go as bold or as subtle as you want. If mismatching feels too daring, start by wearing earrings of the same design but in different sizes or colours.

Runway Jewellery Trend #2. Mix, match & mesmerise with layered necklaces 

The trend of layered necklaces has surged onto the fashion forefront, offering a fresh and versatile approach to accessorising. Models are now adorning themselves with simple necklaces matched with one unique pendant that drapes down their necklines, creating a focal point for the entire ensemble.

It’s easy for you to replicate this look too. Simply pick one with a standout pendant like the Star Carat Galaxy PendantTulle Plait Cherish 999 Pure Gold Necklace, or Marigold Cherish 999 Pure Gold Necklace

Prefer something more subtle? Consider an interesting geometric shape like the Rosy Hexa Harmony Pendant 10k White Gold Pendant. Pair it with simple chains and a neutral outfit, such as a monochrome dress or a white tee and jeans combo. This allows the necklace to be the star without overwhelming your overall look.

Runway Jewellery Trend #3. The more, the merrier

The audacious spirit of the runway often lies in its excesses. Among the memorable statements this season is the trend of abundant accessorising, primarily in the form of bracelets and rings. Some singularly steal the spotlight, while others stack up for the combined impact of power and presence on the runway.

But how do you transition such bold, runway-ready looks into everyday wearable jewellery?

Choose bracelets of varying thicknesses and materials. Start with a chunky piece as your base, perhaps a cuff or a wide bangle, such as the SK 916 Hestia Roman Gold Bangle. Then, gradually layer on slimmer ones like thin bracelets and delicate chain links like the SK 916 Gold Oro Amare Flat Mariner Bracelet. Play with textures for an eclectic look, from the smooth sheen of metal to the rough allure of natural stones.

Next, move on to your rings. Instead of overwhelming every finger, focus on one or two statement rings like the Tulle Weave Cherish 999 Pure Gold Ring or the lab grown Signature Allstar Diamond Ring for daily wear. Paired with a minimalistic outfit, these rings elevate even the simplest look, seamlessly transitioning your casual clothes to chic ones.

Incorporate These Runway Trends With SK Jewellery In 2023 & Beyond

Consider your outfit’s colour palette and its overall vibe when incorporating these runway jewellery trends. Also, focus on one statement piece at a time or curate a coordinated collection so your ensemble remains sophisticated and not cluttered.

Finally, it’s equally important to invest in quality pieces that resonate with you, ensuring that they don’t end up as one-season wonders but become cherished parts of your collection. 

Explore SK Jewellery’s timeless collection that allows the iconic trends from the runway to inspire, but not dictate, your unique style.

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