12 Tips for Choosing Bridal Jewellery for your Romantic Wedding

Your wedding day is arriving soon. The dress and tuxedo are designed, the venue is booked, the menu is finalised, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen are on standby. Now, all you need to iron out are the finer details.

Just like how the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’s rags into an elegant ballgown, an exquisite wedding gown can transform you into a beautiful bride. However, wedding jewellery is essential to add the finishing touches to your bridal look. To an extent, your accessory choice will affect the appearance of your wedding.

Hence, what you choose to pair with your wedding gown is crucial since there are many things to consider when curating the perfect bridal look. As a guide, here are twelve fabulous tips to get you started and our recommended products to help you shine like a star on that day.

1. Always choose the wedding dress before the jewellery

Always choose the wedding dress before the jewellery

Before choosing your wedding jewellery, it’s better to choose the dress first. This is because it’s easier to find accessories that pair with the gown than vice versa. You can make an exception if the jewellery you are wearing is an heirloom because they usually feature designs that go well with classic wedding gown designs.

Since the wedding dress collections have plenty of classics, it should not be too challenging to find one that will work with heirloom jewellery.

However, this may not apply to modern designs. Modern jewellery usually has particular designs, so you may be hard-pressed to find one that will match your accessory style.

For instance, if your wedding gown has a garden-themed wedding gown, and you wish to find certain flower accessories to match, do buy your dress first before you shop for the accessories.

2. Balance is crucial

When choosing the jewellery, you should balance it out with the details on your dress. After all, simple is elegant. If you add in too many details, chances are the finer jewellery would get lost in the mix.

For example, if your wedding gown is donned with beading, embroidery or other complicated details, the jewellery chosen should be simpler. On the other hand, if you choose a minimalistic gown, you can go for bigger and more elaborate jewellery.

Do also pay attention to how the jewellery matches the details of your gown. If the wedding dress’ neckline is elaborate, go for a simpler necklace. If the gown has long sleeves, forgo the bracelet. Your jewellery should not clash with the overall motif should your gown should be designed based on a particular theme.

Balancing the look is tricky, but it can be done if you prioritise your needs. Your guests may not have a good impression of your sense of style if you end up resembling a walking disco ball. Hence, do avoid choosing more sparkles than necessary.

A good example of having balance would lie on the rings. Too much sparkles would make it garish, while too little would make it plain.

That is why diamond rings are paired with eternity rings; not only are they balanced out in terms of how well they shine, they also represent a promise of lifelong commitment

As a guide, here are some examples of dazzling yet balanced combinations of diamond rings in Singapore:

The Signature Allstar Diamond Ring & Starlett V Diamond Ring

The Signature Allstar Diamond Ring & Starlett V Diamond Ring

The Signature Allstar Diamond Ring is inspired by the twinkling stars you see in the night sky. It is a symbol that is full of hope and wonder. There is an Eastern belief that the stars mean good luck to the wearer and is something to be wished upon in hopes of achieving our dreams.

On the other hand, the Starlett V Diamond Ring is shaped like a wishbone. A wishbone is a custom in ancient Rome, where two people would pull on a fork-shaped bone in the chest area of some birds, such as turkey or fowl.

Each person would wrap a finger around one of the forks and pull until the bone snapped. Whoever was left with the “V” would make a wish since there is a belief that the wish would come true.

By combining these pair of rings together, it’s an impression that the bride’s wish of a good fortune in marriage will come true and it will be filled with hope. Moreover, because of Starlett V Diamond Ring’s resemblance to half eternity rings, it can be considered

Starry Hayden White Gold Diamond Ring & Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

Starry Hayden White Gold Diamond Ring & Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

The Starry Hayden White Gold Diamond Ring has always been a timeless ring. While the trends of other engagement rings fluctuate, the solitaire type has never gone out of season. With four diamonds, it brings four times the beauty.

The Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring has a large diamond surrounded by a collection of round pavé diamonds. These pavé stones flash with light, giving attention to the centre stone to draw attention to the ring. Moreover, this ring is in the shape of a circle, which has deep meaning, because a circle has no end and no beginning.

These two rings, when paired together, gives a message that the love towards the wearer is infinite. Moreover, because of how these rings can catch the light and draw attention to the bride, it also gives the impression that the bride’s beauty is forever.

The Apex Allstar Diamond Ring & Starry Evon Rose Gold Diamond Ring

The Apex Allstar Diamond Ring & Starry Evon Rose Gold Diamond Ring

The Apex Allstar Diamond Ring has an elegant and timeless design, which highlights the centre stone through the four progs, makes this the pinnacle of stardom.

Moreover, the ring band’s dual tones perfectly represent the entire idea of an engagement ring, where two people tie the knot for life on the wedding day, and the different metals can symbolise the unity of two souls in love.

The Starry Evon Rose Gold Diamond Ring is the epitome of eternal love. Because the ring is circular, which represents eternity and diamonds represent love, an eternity ring symbolise that the love is strong and everlasting.

Moreover, due to the unbroken link of diamonds, the Starry Evon Rose Gold Diamond Ring can be considered a half-eternity ring. By combining them, it emphasises that the love of two people would shine forever.

3. Wearing several jewellery pieces is not necessary

Whether you buy your jewellery as a set or choose them separately, you do not have to wear everything on the list. As mentioned in the previous point, it can mess up the overall look and remove the effect that can be achieved with just one jewellery piece.

For instance, if your necklace is crafted with lots of detail, wear small studs or leave out the earrings. Try to tie the overall look to any statement themes or embellishments stitched on your gown. If your dress has a beaded sash or waistband, minimise the necklace’s bling.

A single statement jewellery can be fashionable, because no other pieces compete for attention. Hence, all eyes will be drawn to that piece of jewellery, making it effective.

4. The metal colours should pair well with the dress

While some colours look good together, other combinations may clash and spoil the effects. Jewellery made from metals such as silver, palladium, platinum and white gold pairs well with stark white dresses.

On the other hand, jewellery in gold shades will look better with creamy white wedding dresses, while rose gold goes well with white and silver. If you have silver embellishments in your dress, stick to the same colour or gemstones set in a white base to match.

Should your dress be adorned with pearls and beads, wear a string of pearls and other matching accessories.

5. Accessorising your hair is also important

Accessorising your hair is also important

Sometimes, you may consider a head accessory on your wedding day, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, there are many fascinating choices for hair accessories, such as combs and headpieces that will make you look dazzling.

Regardless of whether your hair is tied up or let down, consider a headpiece that can match your dress to add a more impactful impression to your bridal look. The size of the hair accessory depends on the colour and texture of your hair and your face size.

For instance, if you have thick, curly hair, consider larger accessories to make it more noticeable. However, this will not suit finer and thinner hair, because elaborate accessories may look too heavy.

You can weave flowers into your hair for a natural but classic appearance if you are a flower lover. You may even want to consider flower crowns. Do note that the position of the accessory can help you achieve various looks, so do try out different options to find the headpiece’s best placement

It’s advisable to pick your hairstyle before picking out the hair accessories because some headpieces clash with certain styles. Should the style and accessory you choose not go well when tried together, you may want to rethink your option.

6. Consider beyond your wedding ceremony

Consider beyond your wedding ceremony

Unlike your wedding dress, you can wear your wedding jewellery outside of your wedding. When choosing accessories, keep this in mind since it is worthwhile to splurge on your wedding jewellery a little.

Rather than choose jewellery that is only suitable for that special occasion or pieces that go well with the wedding theme, invest in your favourite jewellery that you can see yourself wearing again.

You may want to consider buying jewellery with your preferred gemstones or specific designs that you love. This could even be considered your “something new” for the wedding. Lastly, jewellery makes for an excellent heirloom to pass to your children. Because jewellery is usually free-size, it’s easier to wear than your wedding dress.

7. If jewellery is beyond budget, rent.

If buying jewellery be beyond your budget, purchasing wedding accessories may not be possible. However, you do not want budget issues to lessen the impact you want to make on your wedding day. In this case, you can opt for renting the accessories, where you can get what you want at an affordable price.

Like wedding dresses, there are likely bridal accessories on rent. Since these pieces of jewellery are well-maintained and look brand new, no one will tell that you are wearing something that you are borrowing. It’s also a cheaper option should you desire bigger, beautiful and more expensive options you could not consider otherwise.

8. The bridal necklace can make or break your look

The bridal necklace can make or break your look

One of the most critical areas the jewellery should match is the dress neckline. Getting the fitting adornment for the neckline style can instantly give bonus points to your look.

Almost any necklace style, such as a bold necklace, a simple necklace with a pendant, or a pearl necklace in Singapore, would look amazing if the neckline is low-cut, such as sweetheart or strapless.

For an illusion neckline, the dress will probably show an ornate neck area. While this removes the need for a necklace, wear a small one if it’s necessary. V-necklines will go best with a thin chain with a pendant. As for halter dresses, it’s recommended to skip the necklace and focus on the hairpieces and earrings.

9. Aim to stick to your everyday look

Aim to stick to your everyday look

If you have always been donning on jewellery, your wedding day does not need to be any different. However, if you have always donned simple accessories, you will feel and look completely different on your wedding day should you deck yourself in jewellery.

Whatever you wear for your wedding should be an extension of your personality to go well with your overall look. Hence, don’t try something entirely new for you on your wedding day.

Consider your most beautiful moments from the past to decide the most suitable jewellery for you. Think of the jewellery that everyone has seen and appreciated on you before because this is the design that will match your style and enhance your appearance. By looking for jewellery designed similarly, you will likely find the best one that suits your natural features.

As for your hairstyle and makeup, your accessories should also add to your natural looks and give that touch of extra glamour, not turn you into someone unrecognisable.

10. Make sure to mix and match jewellery properly

As grand as weddings are, it’s not the occasion to pull out all the expensive stuff you own. Like mixing metals in your accessories, the gemstones should also be mixed with consideration.

If you use too many variations in your colour, style and design, you can end up ruining your looks rather than making you look your best. Try to stick with a single-coloured stone and select similar patterned jewellery.

For instance, mixing pink and white pearls in different areas of your ensemble or wearing rhinestones on your neck and pearls on the bracelet may make you look like a walking fashion emergency.

11. Set enough time to choose the wedding jewellery

Although there is a long checklist you have to complete before the big day, try and set aside some time to pick your jewellery. This is important because you will have to consider many factors such as the jeweller, the designs, the pricing and getting them fitted.

This case applies even more if you prefer to have bespoke custom-made jewellery or want something that is one-of-a-kind, because the jewellery would have to be made from scratch. It could even take up to months just to get that jewellery piece. So, don’t wait until the last minute to select the suitable bridal jewellery.

12. Keep comfort in mind

Keep comfort in mind

Remember that you will have to wear the jewellery on you throughout the day. Therefore, you should choose jewellery that feels comfortable and natural for you. The last thing you probably want is to lose focus on their big day just because a hairpin is not staying in place or the necklace is tugging and weighing you down.

If you don’t usually wear extravagant necklaces or heavy earrings, why do it on your best day? The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. Moreover, the wedding accessories should represent your personality. Try out the bridal jewellery first and make sure you are comfortable when wearing them.


When preparing to celebrate your love in style

When preparing to celebrate your love in style, it’s essential to try on both the wedding jewellery and the dress beforehand. You should take your accessories with you to the dress fitting appointment for convenience.

On the appointment day, if possible, do your hair in the style you plan to don on the wedding day. This can help give a rough idea of what you’ll look like on your big day. It will provide room for modifications should you feel unsatisfied with that bridal look.

At SK Jewellery, we have a vast collection that you can consider for your wedding. This includes earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and much more.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop destination for jewellery options that suit any occasion, and you will find what you need for your dream wedding in our store. Should you need a hand picking the right one for you, contact us to book a complimentary consultation session today.

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