A Step By Step Guide On Measuring Your Jewellery Efficiently

When shopping for jewellery, it’s probably easier to order it online than to visit the physical shop. After all, everything from costume jewellery to opulent diamond rings in Singapore is all available in online stores. Moreover, it’s easier to compare the prices of extensive collections online.

With that being said, if you are considering purchasing fine gold and diamond jewellery online, there would be one question popping in your head: how to find out whether the size of that particular jewellery you are buying is right or not.

One of the essential parts of jewellery shopping is ensuring you get the jewellery with the perfect measurements.

This is because if you do not know your exact size, your jewellery may end up being the wrong size and be ill-fitting. It would be troublesome to get a new piece or waste time trying to resize it. To give you a helping hand, here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you determine the size of various types of jewellery best suited for you.

Measuring bracelets

Measuring bracelets

For bracelets that have a clasp to open

For this kind of bracelet, all you need to find out is the wrist circumference. Here are a few simple steps to measure your wrist:

1. Hold your arm with your hand relaxed and fingers lightly outstretched.
2. Using your free hand, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist. Make sure it’s at the area you want the bracelet to be in.

Make sure not to pull the measuring tape tight, just measure at a comfortable tension. Where the end of the measuring tape meets is the ideal measurement for you.

You can be assured that any bracelet will fit, as long as the bracelet is at least as many centimetres in length or circumference marked by the tape.

Should you not have a flexible measuring tape, you can substitute it with a non-stretchy ribbon or string with the same methods above. However, you will need a pen or marker to mark the area where the beginning of the ribbon intersects with the part wrapped around for your size. Then, lay the ribbon or string flat and measure with a ruler.

To measure your hand for a bangle or expandable bracelet (no clasp)

1. Hold your hand, with fingers outstretched and cupped, like you are about to slide a bracelet over. Your thumb should be tucked in towards the rest of your fingers and palm.
2. Wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your knuckles. This measurement is what you should know because that indicates the smallest circumference of a bangle or expanded bracelet that fits you perfectly.

Like the previous method, you can substitute with a ribbon or string if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape.

As a guide, here is the bracelet size chart:

SizeApproximate length measured
X-Small Bracelet16cm
Small Bracelet17cm
Medium Bracelet19cm
Large Bracelet20cm
X-Large Bracelet21cm

It’s up to you if you want to wear something slightly larger for some “wiggle room”. In this case, it’s recommended to upsize the bracelet by 0.5cm but not more than 1cm.

Measuring necklaces

Measuring necklaces

Measuring necklaces is much easier. After all, if you already have a necklace with the ideal length, all you need to do is lay the chain straight and measure it with a ruler. Otherwise, follow these steps:

1. Drape a piece of string around your neck.
2. Pull it down to a point, similar to how it will look like with a pendant hanging from it.
3. Hold the string where you want the necklace to land on your chest. The pendant will hang below that point, so ensure you are measuring the length you want the chain to be, not the bottom of the whole necklace.
4. Make a mark where the two points intersect and measure with a ruler.

Alternatively, you can measure your neck length for the minimum recommended chain length by using these steps:

1. Wrap a tape measure around your neck, but don’t make it too tight.
2. Make a mark where the tape measure’s beginning touches the measurement.
3. Add 5cm to 10cm to whatever measurement you get. That is the minimum chain length to get for yourself.

However, since there are standard sizes of types of neckwear, such as collars, the minimum length may not apply. In this case, the standard size should be the second size up from your neck size.

For example, if your neck circumference is 43cm, the suitable standard size should be 51cm, not 46cm.

One thing to note about necklaces

While necklaces are more versatile since there are many types and lengths, other features and how it’s worn can make or break your look.

For example, a choker would work well on a long, thin neck (called a swan neck). On the other hand, a choker on a short neck would make the neck look stubby.

Moreover, what we may not consider are our heights. While this is understandable because women of average height or taller could wear a necklace of any length. In particular, taller women would probably see longer necklace lengths as average.

However, shorter women may be overwhelmed by long necklaces. Hence, should you be shorter than 163cm, choosing a length that would sit on your collarbone or just below it is recommended.

As a guide, here is the necklace size chart and the recommended matching features:

Standard SizeNecklace typeApproximate PlacementBest suited for
~36 cmCollarTightly wrapped around the neckClothing with open necksExample: scoop necks, V-necks, off-the-shoulder and boatnecks
~41cmChokerLocated tightly at the throat baseNearly anything
~46cmPrincessOn the collarboneNearly anything
51 to 61cmMatineeBetween the collarbone and chestBusiness and casual wear
71 to 91cmOperaOn the bust or 5 to 10 cm belowHigh neckline clothing and evening wear
91 to 107cmRopeWrapped to sit on or right below the middle of the bustElegant business and evening wear
star carat diamond

Measuring rings

Measuring rings get a bit more complicated because of the varying factors you should remember. Before sitting down to measure your ring size, here are a few points to take note:

1. Consider your knuckle: If you are aware that your knuckle is on the larger side, you should order a ring size that is half a size bigger than what is indicated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to slide the ring in.
2. Finger size difference: Most of the time, the ring size on the dominant hand is one whole size bigger than the other hand. When measuring, measure the specific finger you intend to wear the ring on.
3. Finger size fluctuation: Sometimes, your finger size can change a little due to temperature change, consuming certain foods, and performing activities with your hands. The size difference can be as much as half a size. Hence, it is best to measure your finger around the middle of the day at room temperature.

To ensure accuracy, you should measure the ring multiple times. It’s recommended to measure your finger three to four times, possibly at different intervals. Here are some common and easy ways to measure your ring size:

Option one: Use string or floss

1. Acquire a floss or string
2. Wrap it around the base of your finger
3. Use a pen or marker to mark the area where the floss or string intersects
4. Stretch the length of string out on a ruler or measuring tape and take down the length.

Do take note that string and floss is easily stretched, so don’t pull them too tightly. Otherwise, your ring measurement may end up being larger than your actual ring size, and any rings purchased could be too loose.

While this measurement may not be the most accurate, it’s good for rings that you intend to wear every day. After all, it allows room for the ring to be swapped to another finger, and it can finish off just about every outfit we wear.

Here are some styles you may want to choose:

Petit Hue Xea Amethyst Gem Ring (White Gold)

Petit Hue Xea Amethyst Gem Ring (White Gold)

In ancient China, amethyst acts as a powerful tool that can clear negative energy and protect us from the hazards of everyday life. If you are the type that prefer wilder parties, this ring is for you because in ancient Greek, it’s believed that amethyst is useful in preventing drunkenness and overindulgence.

In addition to the eye-catching amethyst, the diamonds will strengthen the properties amethyst is said to hold because of their impenetrable nature. Last but not least, they make a great accessory to any outfit.

Happy 999 Pure Gold Ring

Happy 999 Pure Gold Ring

When it comes to simple rings, those in the form of high-polished gold look good. In fact, they also provide endless styling and stacking possibilities.

In particular, this gold ring, which consists of geometrically arranged, flat surfaces, makes for an amazing pattern that helps it shine, literally and figuratively. It’s great for a classic understated look. Alternatively, you can match it with another ring if you want to be more fashion-forward.

Marigold Dance Lover 999 Pure Gold Ring

Marigold Dance Lover 999 Pure Gold Ring

This gold ring has a perfect heart shape in the ideal size, not too big and not too small. It is plated in 999 gold and emits a beautiful, elegant hue that can add a golden glow to your everyday, casual outfit. Moreover, you can match it with other rings for a more gleaming appearance.

This ring can also act as a sweet reminder of your love towards someone special, even if that person is yourself!

Circle Of Circles 14k White Gold Loca Ring

Circle Of Circles 14k White Gold Loca Ring

Consider this ring if you are drawn to a classic and timeless style. The facets are arranged so that the right amount of light would enter and reflect on the circles, ensuring maximum sparkles.

As one of the more traditional designs that would last through the ages, this is one everyday ring that would match any outfit and pair well with any ring.

Option two: Placing an existing ring on our ring size chart

Should you own a ring already, just follow these steps:

1. Find a ring that fits you well.
2. Print out a ring chart from our ring sizer guide and place your ring on the circles until you find one that matches the inner ring circumference.

Important note

The ring’s inner circumference should not entirely cover the circle. The correct ring size match is the last ring size circle where you can see the edges of the printed circle without it being entirely concealed.

Incorrect measurement: Ring size 18 will fully cover the printed Singapore size 17, this is incorrect. Ring size 18 will fully cover the printed size because it has overshot the sizing.

Correct measurement: When the physical ring size 18 is placed on top of the printed Singapore size 18, you should be able to notice the edge of the printed ring size around the ring.

Hence, pick the one that covers almost the entire inner edges when using this method. Do note that larger circles can also hide the inside edges of your ring.

Therefore, ensure your eyes are directly on top of the chart instead of sideways to ensure the best accuracy for the ring size. If you are unsure, use a pen to trace the ring out.

This method is ideal if you want to know her ring size for a proposal! After all, acquiring a ring that she already wears is one of the most effective steps to get her size without giving the surprise away. Here are some styles you may want to consider for her proposal ring:

The Crown Allstar Diamond Ring

The Crown Allstar Diamond Ring

If you want something that is classic, but will symbolise how you and her are meant to be, consider this ring. Solitaire rings like this one have come to represent life’s most precious moments, such as engagements.

The dual tone band represents how despite the two of you leading completely different lives, you would be spending the rest of your future together. By combining these factors, it promises that both of you would spend more happy moments together for the rest of your lives.

Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

Star Carat Elegant Halo Diamond Ring

Halo diamond engagement rings are sentimental, one-of-a-kind rings adored by many. The halo engagement diamond ring makes for a timeless and elegant design with a massive diamond as a focal point, surrounded by micro-pavé diamonds.

In particular, this ring results from round-shaped diamonds meeting halo aesthetics. The result is a breathtakingly stylish design that symbolises an unbreakable bond.

Star Carat Fancy Teardrop Diamond Ring

Star Carat Fancy Teardrop Diamond Ring

No ring expresses it better than this engagement ring when it comes to a unique appeal. Resembling a pretty teardrop, this gem can make the wearer’s fingers appear longer and slimmer.

If your bride-to-be is someone who walks to the beat of her own drum and has a flair for romance and elegance, this is the ring for her. Moreover, the teardrop shape of the diamond is said to represent tears of joy or wedding tears, an ideal choice for an engagement ring.

Option three: Use a ring sizer

For the most accurate measurement, you can buy a ring-measurement tool. They are not expensive and there are many options online.

Using the tape

1. Select the finger you want to wear the ring on.
2. Put the end of the ring sizer through the “buckle”.
3. Slowly pull it through until you have a large-sized ring you can easily place onto the finger.
4. Place the ring sizer over the selected finger and pull it tighter until you get the correct size.
5. The measured ring size to observe is the one on the inside buckle of the ring sizer. This size should allow the ring sizer to slide over the knuckle without exerting a lot of effort.

Note: If the gauge on the ring sizer hovers between two sizes, choose the bigger one. It’s better for a ring to be a fraction too large than too small.

This one is ideal if you already have some idea of your future bride’s ring size from her engagement ring but want to check her ring size one more time for the wedding ring.

Here are some styles you may want to consider for the wedding ring:

Momento Radiant One And Only Wedding Band

Momento Radiant One And Only Wedding Band

Interlaced with white gold and rose gold, this dual-toned ring creates a subtle yet glamorous look. It symbolises style and elegance, ideal for those looking for something vintage-looking with a dash of luxury.

Because of the wedding band style, especially the metals, which could not be without the other, this wedding band perfectly represents the wedding vow to make their marriage as beautiful and united as this ring.

Eternal Bliss Rose Gold Wedding Band

Eternal Bliss Rose Gold Wedding Band

If you want something that gives the classic message of eternal love and commitment, consider this ring. Resembling an eternal ring, which gives the impression of never-ending love between two people, the circle of diamonds is the ideal symbol to remind you of your wedding vows.

This ring can also mark the wedding as the milestone where two people pledge to a new life filled with eternal bliss together.

Accent Twist Diamond Wedding Band

Accent Twist Diamond Wedding Band

Celebrate your commitment with this band, which puts value on timeless elegance. This ring comprises pavé diamonds and white gold, which are twisted slightly upwards to represent that a marriage would have its ups and downs. Nevertheless, the couple would stay strong together.

This ring is where creative design meets classic elegance and is ideal for the couple who wants the best of both worlds.


If you’re looking for a jewellery size and don’t know where to start, take the steps mentioned above to help you get started.

In particular, because rings are a little more complicated, we have a ring size guide that could give you a helping hand to help you find your accurate size, whether it’s for you or someone else.

After measuring your jewellery size, you can now enjoy shopping at SK Jewellery and scour our vast jewellery collection for the ideal jewellery piece.

If you would like a recommendation for a jewellery trend that suits you or for a gift for someone special, book an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation today.

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