5 Lucky Jewellery Types To Add To Your Good Luck Collection


There are certain pieces of jewellery that are said to bring their wearer good fortune. So, if you're looking to add some luck to your life, why not start with one of these five types of lucky jewellery?

1. Four-Leaf Clover 

This tiny plant is said to bring good luck to whoever finds it, so what could be luckier than wearing it around your neck or wrist? The four leaves on a clover are said to represent hope, faith, love, and luck. Add this sweet charm to your earrings like the SK 916 Gift Of Luck Gold Earrings and SK 916 Be Lucky Gold Earrings or necklace like the SK 916 Be My Lady Luck Gold Pendant and SK 916 Ring Around A Clover Gold Necklace as a reminder that good things are on the way.

2. Reach for the (lucky) stars

A classic symbol of good luck, there is nothing quite like the sparkle of a star. For centuries, people have been drawn to these shining tokens of good fortune and they have become a popular symbol of luck and prosperity.

As the star design is always so versatile, consider the dazzling Shiny Star Diamond Pendant, in which you can wear this necklace again and again, making it a truly cherished piece of jewellery. Or how about the shiny SK 916 Glamour Star Gold Pendant and SK 916 Star Floral Gold Earrings. Associated with hope, dreams, and possibilities, stars remind us that no matter how dark things might seem, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Go ahead and shine bright like the star you are!

3. Be charmed with good luck

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, consider a charm bracelet. These delicate bracelets can be adorned with all sorts of charms, each representing different things that are important to you as well as what you hope to achieve and bring into your life.

Whether you choose a simple Zodiac charm or an elaborate blessing charm to grant yourself some good luck, there’s no limit to the ways you can personalise your bracelet jewellery. Have kids? You can also give these bracelets as a gift to bless them with favourable fortune and good luck.

4. Find your fortune with lucky coins

Other than clovers, stars, and charms, coins are also considered to be lucky, especially when they’re made from gold like the Fortune & Longevity 999 Pure Gold Coin Set and Good Luck 999 Pure Gold Angpow. Not only is gold a valuable metal, but it also has a long history of symbolising good luck, wealth, and prosperity in Chinese culture.

5. Lucky Chinese characters, symbols, and designs

In Chinese culture, certain characters, symbols, and designs are considered to be lucky. For example, the character for “8” sounds like the word for “prosperity”, while the character for “9” sounds like the word for “long life”. As a result, these characters are often used in jewellery as a way of attracting good fortune.

Meanwhile, the Extraordinary Luck 999 Pure Gold Pendant is shaped like a Hu Lu (gourd) and comes with the character Fu (luck)  to ward off bad energy, while the Pure Bliss 999 Pure Gold Pendant is inscribed with the Chinese characters Lan Zhi Hui Xin (having a pure heart and kind spirit) to bless the wearer. Don these two pendants as a reminder that you’re surrounded by good luck.

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